Friday, 8 February 2013

More Ways to Earn .............


Just to remind you today, and every Friday is 'Mega Swagbucks Friday' where you are awarded extra SB's if you use the Swagbucks searchbar.  I just got back from the vet and 'searched' for my own blog and got 11 SB's !  for doing nothing.  I got another 7 this morning for checking Ebay as well.  (Swagbucks are the points you are awarded for using the searchbar and which can be exchanged for cash paid into your Paypal account, or vouchers for places such as Amazon)  this explains it.;postID=8439967667558620902

Downloading the searchbar and using it regularly in place of other search engines is definately the best way to earn Swagbucks, you will see your 'award' at the top of the screen, it resembles a money note, now most are automatically added to your account, but some, you have to enter a catpcha i.e ABC or 123 then click 'claim' and then you get them, if you aren't claiming them they won't be added. There are a few more ways to earn here :-

On the left of the searchbar you will see 'Earn' click on that, then on 'Daily Polls' then just click on your answer to a question from multi choice options and you will be awarded Swagbucks, then go back to 'earn' and into 'NOSO's' - No Obligation Special Offers', click on the red circle to start then just clik on 'proceed to next offer' you don't have to check them out, just click on 6 or seven, it takes about 10 seconds, then enter a captcha code and claim more swagbucks.

Here is a site that you can join, and they will send you Swagbuck Codes when they become available i.e. sometimes 2/3 Swagbucks sometimes 20 or more, you just copy or remember the code and enter it into the 'gimme code' on your account page.  and here is the Swagbucks site, they very often have extra SB's to claim together with chat etc.,   Swagbucks Official Blog

Then, if you are not averse, you can always put a link on your own blog to earn more SB's, your readers join through your site and you earn !  My link is at the top left of this page.

So if you've joined but haven't got any Swagbucks yet, it's probably because you aren't using the searchbar .  If you want to join, please click on the link here - I'm heading to £15.00 now - wow, I'm going to save it up for Christmas.  Here's wishing you success ...............



  1. Sorry - SB's are 'Swagbucks' - i just abbreviated it. they're the 'points' you are awarded when you use the Swagbucks searchbar and can be redeemed for cash vouchers, or used at Amazon or lots of other places.



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