Monday, 18 February 2013

Oh dear, feeling sad ...........



The lovely Richard Briars passed away today.

Surely he and his onscreen wife ' Barbara' aka Felicity Kendal, must be responsible for thousands of people quitting their City lives and trying to be self sufficient.  I know it was this series that first planted the seeds (forgive the pun) for me, something that never left me until I'd been there and done that.

No matter how hard up they were, Barbara always looked sexy in her 'hand sewn' creations and Tom was always coming up with ways to earn a crust.

I'm thankful I have the whole series on DVD, a present from my lovely brother, so they will always be 'there' when I want to watch.  A truly iconic series, but how many know Richard was also a serious Shakesperian actor ?

Not much more to say is there folks ................. RIP Richard
take care peeps ....................


  1. I am always sad to read about someone who has died who had once entertained and made me laugh.

  2. That's a very good point SO - laughter brings us closer to people doesnt it ?

  3. Yes another good one gone. I loved the series.

  4. I loved that series, he was wonderful. And great in many other parts. RIP.



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