Friday, 1 February 2013

Saving Money on Everyday Items


As frugal -ers we are all always looking for ways to save or stretch our money further all the time.  Most of us are nothing short of experts at this (give yourself a pat on the back), however there are things that we have to buy because we can't make or grow them ourselves.

It is to this end that I'm going to put one or two ads on here for items that fit into this catagory.  Hopefully they will help in saving even more, and yes, they are affiliate ads and I will be getting a copper or two if you buy from them, so I thank you in advance.

The first is batteries - we all need them, whether they're for cameras, mobile phones, satnav, laptop, gaming devices or the latest piece of battery operated  (must have) technological wizardry. 

I know a lot of you will use re-chargeable ones, I do too, sometimes, but find the cost of the initial purchase is higher than buying more basic batteries.  It depends on how many you use/need I suppose.  Plus there is the electricity used in re-charging them to be considered too.

Another thing I like about this company is you can buy a single battery if you want, you don't have to buy in bulk - just what you need.

Postage is very good too, although as with most things the more you buy the cheaper it gets, until for purchases over £40 - it's free.

So the link is here on the left, I hope it helps you save a little more.

take care peeps ..............

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