Sunday, 17 February 2013

Updates ............


Been a bit busy these last few days, sorting stuff out, arranging stuff, planning stuff, etc. etc.,  some has worked, some hasn't.

Update on Sopicat:  He's still having trouble relaxing as you can see.  However, the recent check at the vet revealed he does, in fact, have an enlarged thyroid gland.  So more meds for him.

This time it's  a gel, I have to dispense a pea-sized blob and rub it into his ear ! yes you heard right, his ear !  well actually it's quite easy to do, and anyway I don't think I could have got another tablet into him in a daily basis.  I have so many now for various cats, I'm having to label them with the times of day they have to have them or I couldn't possibly keep track.

Anyway, I have to wear a glove whilst applying the gel, and if it comes into contact with my skin I have to phone the vet immediately in case I get any side-effects, presumably I'd start growing whiskers and develop an insatiable appetite for sardines !!

I've had a couple of hours in the garden this morning while the sun was out, cleared up winter debris, cut down branches, pruning etc., it's just like a bog as usual, enough to make me stick by my decision to not grow anything out there again, it's too soul destroying.  I'll use containers, the conservatory and am investigating vertical growing.

I had another trip to Birmingham yesterday to my brothers, I took him home made bread again and a few home made frozen meals, and he gave me a hand mixer !  I don't know where he keeps getting this stuff from, but he just doesn't use it.

I've been looking into the possibility of selling at Vintage Fairs, but after checking it out, it seems a non-starter because of the fees involved.  I thought it would be just a case of paying for a table - but not so.  So it looks like I'll have to continue using Ebay until all my stuff has gone.

I'm delighted to see that those of you who signed up for Swagbucks are doing so well !  the points mount up quickly don't they ?

Right, off to put gel in Sopicats ear now then !

take care peeps .........


  1. Gel! Much easier than wrestling with tablets,hope they do the trick.
    Our garden is a nightmare for growing anything, 26 trees and no light. We try every year and no doubt will do again. One day I'll grow more than rocket and tomatoes, I swear.
    Other costs with the vintage fairs? The stall, parking and what else? Some ask for public liability but it's not an essential and we've found an annual policy for £100, which isn't bad at all. I find them brilliant, so much more rewarding than eBay. Bus Stop do the fairs in Shrewsbury if that's close to you. x

  2. Perhaps I misunderstood, I thought there was a payment for the 'space' a payment for the table and then public liability as well, and parking of course, I suppose the ideal would be if someone could 'drop me of' and pick me up again in the evening, but as I'm on my own that wouldn't work. So I thought that if I 'stood' all day and only made enough to cover these coses, I'd be well and truly miffed ! I'd feel like I'd done it for nothing.
    I will look further into it though 'cos it's something I would like to do as I know the subject, and thanks for the info about fairs in and around Shrewsbury, that's definately closer for me, plus I know the area well having lived close by. Thanks again.
    PS - try lettuce in your shady garden - they prefer shade !

  3. that should be 'costs' by the way - not 'coses' ha ha - (it's early!)



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