Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vintage Fairs ...........

First of all a big welcome to Vix, Helga, Misfits and Curtise - four of the most fabulous and inspirational Vintage fashionistas on the net !  glad to have you here.

Last Saturday I went to a Vintage Fair in a rather swanky hotel in Shrewsbury - my nearest large town.  I went on a 'fact finding' mission if you like, I have loads of vintage stuff still to sell, I've been carting it around with me for what seems like forever, selling a little here and there on Ebay, but wondering if a Vintage Fair may be a better option.  The clothes I have stay with me though !

First off I was surprised to see how cheap it was to get in, only 50p.  Up a very elegant wooden winding staircase and straight into the room where the tables were.  It was very atmospheric, lots of lovely ladies all 'done up to the nines' in 40's style fashions, hairstyles and make up.  It was worth going for the entertainment value alone especially as there was wartime music being played from a small stage.

The tables were beautifully laid out with goodies of all kinds and loads of rails of vintage clothes, thing was, it was all soooo expensive !  I wasn't tempted to buy, but then again I am not one who spends easily and am used to buying from charity shops and boot sales and this definately was a step or two 'up'

So was it for me ? I have to say 'no'.  Although a pleasurable experience,  I don't 'do' standing/sitting still for very long, so even though I loved checking out all the gorgeous stuff,  having to take X- ££'s for rent and fees etc., before making a profit wouldn't suit me at all - I really am a cheapskate aren't I ?  I will be a regular visitor to other fairs though, and thanks to the lovely Vix for pointing me in the direction of this one.

So I then thought I would look into the possibility of renting a cabinet at a local antique centre, and there was one that fitted the bill in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge, - 10 minutes from where I live.

Cabinets (small) can be rented for only £40 a month !  so I went down to discuss it, and long story short, I was told to take my tat and never darken their doorstep again !  well not exactly, they wrapped it up a bit better than that, but they are after the 'high end' of the market, not a general mish-mash of bits and pieces that I have left to sell.   The glass cabinets had crystals and strategically placed lights all twinkling on Moorcroft Pottery, I'm sure you get the idea.

So looks like I'll have to keep on slogging away on Ebay, stuff sells, but oh so slowly.

So that's my report on Vintage Fairs peeps ...........
Frugal Wean, Weans Frugal World, for the 8.30 news ...........

take care peeps .............



  1. Ooooh how rude! Fancy implying your lovely vintage items are 'tat', some people don't know a good thing when they see it!

  2. Ooh tell me about it, Ebay is a right old slog...
    Hmm, the cabinet place sounds rather hoity-toity!
    Vintage fairs are a real mixture, some stalls are crazily expensive while others are reasonable. The last one I went to had lots of sale rails and bargain boxes, so I picked up some stuff for less than charity shop prices. It just depends, doesn't it? Good luck with your selling. I am slowly slowly working my way through my backlog of stuff too!
    PS. Thanks for the mention! xxx

  3. What a horrid place! I've been toying with doing that to off load the Victoriana from my parental home, they'd get a Lambeth Ware vase smashed over their heads if they try that on with me.
    I'm confused at your costs at vintage fairs, we get free parking and the stalls cost between £15-20 here, is Shrewsbury a lot more? I recycle carrier bags for customers, print my own business cards and make price tags from cut down scrap paper and Poundland string. The ex-shop rails, fold up tables and coat hangers have belonged to us for years. We take a flask and sandwiches and rarely spend a penny - unless if I see something I fancy on another stall! Last month I paid £32 fees on eBay for selling one jacket.
    I don't know about sitting still, I'm knackered after loading and unloading the van, setting up the pitch, constantly tidying it and replenishing the rails, chatting to all and sundry, assisting buyers and then packing it all up again and emptying the bus! And I can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow!
    Good luck with eBay and thanks for the lovely mention! x

  4. Going back a bit...thanks for the Good Neighbors clip. I also mourn the death of Richard Briars. And I had forgotten how much I loved the I bought myself a gift, all four seasons. Thanks for reminding me.



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