Saturday, 23 February 2013

What do Points make ?


I love watching points add up.  For instance, I've got over £26.00 so far from Sainsbury's, most of those have come from petrol, 'cos I never spend much on groceries.  £12.25 from Tesco,  and £3.00 + from Petstop.  This can all be spent as cash of course.

I take advantage of  'double points' offers as well if it's something I would normally buy, for instance, last week I was given a voucher from Sainsbury's for double points if you spend £40 on petrol, well that's the amount I put in once a month anyway, so I got the points for that.  They very often give vouchers for useful items as well, like double points if you buy their kitchen towels, or something from the frozen cabinets.  It all mounts up.

I'm also delighted to say I've just topped 4,000 points from Swagbucks !  that's a minimum of £20.00, could be more if I redeem them when they are having a sale - i.e. they have an offer at the moment where a £5 gift card for Amazon can be bought for 849 points instead of 1,000, so thats worth having.  I'm saving mine for Christmas though, together with the other 'rewards' that are mounting up.  I hope those of you who joined Swagbucks are doing well, I see a few have  already topped 1,000 - I think it's great 'cos it really is for doing nothing more than I do already i.e. surf using their toolbar.

I'm test-driving a couple more money-making schemes and will post my findings soon.

Non of these online money earners will make you rich, but if you have a few, you will have several income streams.

Speaking of making money, I'll get back to listing on Ebay now, I've been sorting stuff out of the garage today, so a few more items to sell - hopefully.

take care peeps ...........


  1. Monday is the big Swagbucks day-lots of points to be given away. Cheers!

  2. Yes - you're right CC - I forgot that ! it's their birthday isn't it ? I must try to do a bit more surfing on Monday to cash in. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. We managed a full Christmas shop with our points last year!
    I was soooo excited

  4. Oh well done ! that's what I'm aiming for, I've had a good start so I think I will manage it.


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