Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Computer has died ..............

Greetings,  computer has died - the signs have been there for a long time, now starts the unbelievably difficult (for me) task of transferring all my data - after I've got a new computer of course.        Sorry for the terrible layout, that's the best I can do.        I may be able to post on someone else's computer in the meantime, but if not, don't forget me !  and come back soon.                          Goodbye for now ..................                                        


  1. Hope you get it fixed soon. I use my iPad for most things these days although it is easier to do my blog on my Dell.

    Good luck.

  2. how could we forget you! Never!!
    best of luck, I'm not blogging much but I won't miss your posts, how ever few or far between! Best wishes from Canada!

  3. Trauma!!! I live in fear of mine dying........X

  4. Bugger! Don't computer woes make you realise how much we rely on being online? Hope you get sorted soon. xxxx

  5. Technology is great when it works and a right pain when it doesn't. See you back soon. :)

  6. There seems to be a lot of computers going down at the moment.
    My Hard drive went AWOL in January and the PC went off to be repaired. Two weeks later, I got it back and spent a week restoring all my data. The next day the Hard drive went 'Belly-up' again - and once more went back for repair. It turned out that they had fitted a faulty Hard-drive!
    I was so miffed - I went out and bought a new lap-top, but it came with Windows 8, whereas my other PC was running with Vista. You can imagine the fun I am having at present trying to get them both (yes, the other is back now) back up to the way they were in December 2012. (My last full back-up.)
    Soooooo, good luck to you Wean, I hope you are up and running a wee bit sooner than I was.
    Cheers......B xx



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