Monday, 4 March 2013

I had a Dream ...........


I'm resisting the temptation of putting a picture of Martin Luther King here - it's too obvious.  So I'll put a cat picture instead (now there's a change)

It wasn't too bad a dream as dreams go, you know there's a point in all dreams isn't there, when you actually realise you are dreaming ?  well this point came for me when I answered the phone (in my dream of course) and a lady of my aquaintance proceeded to tell me how she admired me and how I had been instrumental in shaping her life and helping her through difficulties - ha ha - well that ain't never gonna happen - so from there onwards I knew it was all fiction.

 Chickens have been in my thoughts a lot lately, I'd been thinking about how I could fit a couple into my tiny garden, and I dreamed I bought some, they were a kind of pale coffee colour, no idea what breed, but they were lovely, and with them came a huge, and I do mean huge, cockerel.    Here he is and here is his lady wife, as you can see we breed 'em big here in Shropshire.  You should see the eggs !

So I can't get chickens out of my mind today, and I've realised just how much I miss them, not to mention my other animals,  (well lets not mention my other animals)  They bring life to any garden.

I used to rescue them literally by the dozen, it was a delight to see them grow feathers, feel the sun on their backs and discover that they could scratch the good earth.  Sadly I don't have the space at the moment, but I really think I could squeeze 2/3 in here, I brought one small chicken house and a run with me 'just in case' although as I'm not using the main part of the garden for growing this year because of conditions, they could free range and I could keep my potted garden on the patio away from them.  Can you tell I'm warming to the idea ?
 I've always loved Araucanas, beautiful grey birds known as 'The Easter Egg Chicken' because they lay blue or pale green eggs.  I had a small flock of these along with others.

                                                                 I also love these .......

                                                                         and these .............

                                                        So many chickens - so little time
Anyway, I'm going to have some - sorted !  (but please don't tell my landlord!)
take care peeps ...............


  1. Yaay! know you want to :o) Every girl needs a couple of cats and a couple of chickens minimum...I've only got a small garden but the girls love scratching around in it.I look forward to seeing them :-)

  2. It seems all the rage now to have chickens. So many people I know are now talking chickens all the time.

    I don't think I could handle having them as from what I hear, they easily get sick and die. It would be too much for me to deal with.

    Good luck and hope your landlord will look the other way.

  3. Oh lovely! I want chickens - on my balcony??!! Happy chickening!

  4. I used to have rescued battery hens - years ago - in fact, my first blog was about them - Days of our Chooks! They were lovely and I miss my girls!

    Sarah xxx



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