Tuesday, 9 April 2013

They're having a laugh aren't they ??


Well this has to be the most blatant rip-off in the civilised world !  We all know how much cost of sending packages/parcels through the post has risen, but this is unacceptable !

I sent an item a couple of weeks ago, before the latest price increase and it cost £2.20 - not bad.  I sent another one this morning (well I intended too, but I brought it back !) now it was an identical item (one of a pair) in exactly the same type of box wrapped in exactly the same amount of bubble wrap, brown paper etc., and what did they want from me ? I'll give you 99 guesses !  -  £5.20 -  YES £5.20 !! 

Well after I checked to see if it was April 1st. I politely declined and brought it home, where I am now in the process of arranging to have it collected via private courier at a cost of ??   £2.50 ! plus VAT which still brings it in below £3.00, now how can the Post Office justify that ?  oh and just in case the 'sweet' ladies in the Post Office had got it wrong and not got their heads around the new rates yet, I took it to 3 Post Offices with the same results !  SHAME ON YOU ROYAL MAIL !

The Post Office are going to price themselves out of business at this rate, and the courier firms will do well - good luck to them I say.

So if you, like me, are trying to sell of your rubbish  unwanted items via Ebay - be aware, and make sure you quote the correct rate to your buyers.

take care peeps ..............

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