Wednesday, 29 May 2013

And we're off ...................


Well this is day 3 of my new 'walkaday' resolution.  I intended to start with 2 miles a day, but ended up doing 3 miles with no discomfort, I was surprised when I checked the pedometer.  I have no discomfort (so far) so will stick with this 3 miler until the end of the week, them add a bit more.

It's very tempting to carry on especially as the scenery is so lovely, but I think it's wise to stick to my original plan and make haste slowly.

I changed the pedometer to 'calories' the second time I did it, and was dissapointed to find I'd only burned 190 calories - but on checking, it seems you burn more the more overweight you are.  So does that mean, when you are not overweight at all, you don't burn any calories at all ? - just a thought.

Here some pics of the first half of the walk, I'll add the rest tomorrow as the camera batteries died half way round !

the start ......... literally just over the road from the house.

said batteries packing up !

Big Tree !


This is where the batteries packed up - but you can see it's a very pretty walk, it's a mile around the pool so I could easily add extra distance by going around it again, but there are so many lovely walks here, there's no shortage of choice.
I may have given the impression to some that when I left the 'countryside' I came to live in civilisation/concrete jungle, well as you can see this is not the case.
I'll post pics of the second half tomorrow.

take care peeps ...............

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