Saturday, 4 May 2013

Freezer Malfunction ............


Well that sounds like it's not my fault, but in truth, I think it was my fault - I don't see who else could have been responsible - the cats can't pull a plug out !

Actually it's not a tall one, it's a chest freezer - 6' long and it was full !!
Well long story short, the top third had to go - nothing could be done.  The bottom third was OK, as freezers defrost from the top down, so it was still frozen at the bottom, that left the middle third - and boy was there a load of stuff there to be re-processed !
By that I mean, cook it all, turn it into casseroles, stews, curries, cakes, anything you can think of to save it, there was months of 'yellow stickered' stuff in there that I was very proud of snaffling from Sainsbury's bargain cabinet.
So I'm really P***** off now, I REALLY didnt want to do all that cooking, not after the week I've had, it was the last thing on my list, but I HAD to do it or let it all go to waste.
I still don't know how I managed to pull the plug, except to say I'm not firing on all cylinders this week, in fact I don't know what planet I'm on - feel like I'm floating around achieving nothing.  I hope this passes soon.
take care peeps ..............


  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work. Look on the bright side though at least you have a working freezer to put things back into. It would have been much worse if your freezer had broken down and you had lost all your carefully stocked food.
    Hope you feel better soon x

  2. my daughter had the same thing happen last week, you have my sympathies, what a disaster, but its over and you managed, and look at all the lovely meals you created, ;0

  3. Lots and lots of hugs. Be kind to yourself, you are in a hard place. And you dealt with it, which is a big deal. hugs WS xxx



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