Monday, 27 May 2013

Walking again ............



I've joined a walking programme (above).  It's just a way to record my progress online and give me something to aim for.  I used to love walking, but after having three accidents in three years, each time ending up in plaster (careless I know!) it's not surprising I have a weakness in my right leg, which flares up now and again making walking painful.

Not one to give up, I'm 'building up' strength in that leg now (well in the other one as well at the same time!) by setting myself small goals, short walking distances to be added to gradually.

So for my first week, I'll just be completing two miles a day, then for the second week, three miles a day.  That's all I've committed to so far, I'll see how my leg feels after that before deciding how much further to go for the next couple of weeks.  Slowly, slowly does it.

I have a nice stick to use, bought for me by my son, not a walking stick as such, but a real grown up hikers stick no less, from when I did 15 milers !  Nicely carved jobby, all stained and polished to boot.

I'm also hoping to shed a few pounds, I'm not fat by any means, but would feel comfortable losing about 6/7 lbs before summer, making me about 9 st 3 lbs.

So this has nothing to do with frugality, except if I walk past a shop I could pick up some bits and pieces I suppose and save petrol.

take care peeps .....................


  1. Do you know about the walking festival in Welly this July? Might be worth checking out if you want some company on your walks - some of the members of the walking group pop into the library to give me leaflets and they seem lovely!

  2. No I didn't know about that, I will pop into the library and pick up a leaflet, some company would be nice.
    Perhaps by July I maybe covering a few more miles ?
    Thanks for that.

  3. I've just checked that web site and it looks very interesting, I'd like to do some of the Wellington walks, I also like the walking in the Shropshire Hills reference, as I used to live just outside Church Stretton and it is beautiful countryside to walk in, but not something recommended to do alone.
    Thanks for the link.

  4. I did this a couple of years ago and started walking one mile a day, then two miles a day and within six months was up to six to eight. I never thought I could do that, but I did and felt so good about myself. I also got healthier and thinner.

    Good luck!


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