Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Up to 4 miles


Continuing my walking regime, I'm up to 4.11 miles now - I'll continue to do that until I feel comfortable, must admit to feeling a little sore of leg and foot so far this week.

I am a week ahead of myself anyway, I inadvertantly started with 3 miles a day instead of two -
but I don't want to ease off if I can help it.  5 miles a day is my target with the occasional 'route march' when I feel I'm fit enough.

I've sold a few of my rubbish items of interest on Ebay, and it's taken all afternoon to wrap them, resizing boxes, finding packaging etc., it's so time consuming and for so little money as well, I don't know how anyone manages to make a living from it.  I don't think it's worth the effort, I'll be glad when the last of my rubbish items of interest are gone.

Got a few bargains from Sainsbury's, I'll post pics tomorrow, I'm too tired now, going to get my sore feet up.

take care peeps........


  1. How is it going with the walking?

  2. Hi MQ, nice of you to drop by.
    I'm 'up to' just over 6 miles a day now, got a long way to catch up with you though, although it seems like a route march to me !

    As you can see, I don't drop in here much myself these days, been sorting the garden out, getting the veggies off to a good start, everything in pots this year so they don't get drowned when it rains.
    take care ...........



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