Monday, 29 July 2013

Bargain Shopping and the Dentist ..........


First of all I have a new follower !  Hello and welcome, hope you find lots to read here.

The weekend has been a little kinder to me as a pale skinned redhead - cooler and lots of refreshing rain.

Yup - this really is me, try not to be eaten up with jealousy, I can't help it if I'm gorgous can I ?

Anyway, I thought you would like to see some recent shopping bargains, they still keep coming.

A lovely sponge with jam and cream and icing topping.  I'm not really into 'shop bought' cakes, preferring to make my own, but at this price I wasn't going to walk away.  A slice with a cuppa when my energy is flagging will be nice, and look at that reduction !  40p down from £4.50

Some bread and rolls, there's two loaves there and a pack of 6 rolls.  I don't usually pay more than 10p/20p for my bread.  If I can't get it at that price, I make my own.

Ah yes - the fish, we won't mention the fish !
There are permanent low prices too if you just look around for them.  Take these for instance
These are 4 for £1.00 or 99p depending which shop you use, but the best place is Tesco 'World Foods' Aisle, where they sell the Indian spices, lentils, beans etc.,  you can also get 4 tins of chick peas there for £1.00 but I don't have any to photograph at the moment.  The tomatos are great, not all juice, the veggies are in a larger than average tin, and can be used in soups, casseroles, pie fillings or Spanish Omelettes to name a few.
Moving swiftly on, remember this ?
Well I was quite happy with my visit, the dentist 'seemed' very understanding and put me at my ease.  I had a little gum trouble, but was given some anti-bio's which soon cleared it up.
Now I hadn't been to the dentist for a long time, a mixture of finance and fear, and only went on that occasion because (as I drink enough tea to float a battleship) they have become 'off colour' and I wanted them cleaned up.
Anyway, when I went back, his (dentist) attitude had changed completely, he made me feel like a social lepper, and got quite nasty saying I shouldn't have left it so long to go.  Well I knew this and I resented being spoken down to like a child (I do have my bus pass after all so deserve a little respect !)  He also flaty refused to believe I don't, and never have, smoked !!
Anyway, instead of doing what needed doing, he had suddenly decided that he would book me in at hospital, I would be given a general anaesthetic and have 'several' teeth extracted !
I beg your pardon ?
I have no pain, no discomfort, no gum disease, my motto is 'IF IT AIN'T BROKE - DON'T FIX IT'
I left that surgery quicker than I went in I can tell you.  The reason for this turnaround ?  I've since found out that dentists get paid more for extractions than for any treatment they give (don't ask me why) and my age.
Treatment on the NHS (like getting glasses) is greatly limited to the bare essentials and doesn't cover anything uneccessary - obviously getting my teeth cleaned up was deemed as uneccessary and not worth it because I am an 'old wrinkly' - mind you if I go private, I can get the work done - say no more !!
I've since had two letters from the surgery asking me to get in touch to book up the appointment for the extractions !  no way sunshine !!  oh and by the way, he couldn't even tell me how many teeth would be pulled, so I could have woken up without a tooth in my head !!  He's got more chance of landing on the moon !
In the meantime, I've 'upped' my cleaning routine and am using various methods of brightening my teeth myself, thanks but no thanks Mr Dentist !!
take care peeps ..............


  1. some great buys and yes I remember the fish incident! , that dentist sounds a little dodgy (sp?) to me,

  2. Eww, sorry about the dental trip. You found some great buys! You know I love bargain shopping!! Take care!!


  3. I know you will think it strange me commenting here, lol, but I enjoy reading your posts and because I just found you a few months back I have lots of catching up, the dentist story made me think because I go today,, I had a tooth break off last month, he fixed that one to the tune of 250 dollars and now I lost a big honking fillling, back today to have that fixed, that will be another 200 or more, thats our christmas money, it makes me sick they charge so much, I HATE going, but I must, but we just can't go as often as they want us too, they want us there every 6 months, no way, I hope your treatments went ok,

  4. Hi Laurie, you are always welcome wherever you post - thank you.
    It sounds like you've had a bad time - and oh my what a lot to pay !
    I actually never went back ! as I said, I'm not in pain, there's nothing wrong, and I am not just going to be a way for the dentist to make money !
    My teeth were a little discoloured because of all the tea I drink, but I'm working on that myself and am in fact seeing results already, I just use bi-carbonate of soda (do you call that baking soda ?) and then follow with my normal toothpaste, much cheaper and less scary ! and it works !



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