Thursday, 25 July 2013

Curry - Frugal style ............


In spite of the heat I fancied a curry yesterday.  Not for me a quick phone call to bring someone hurrying around with a tasteless meal in a tin foil container - neither was I about to take myself off to a restaurant - so a quick shufty around the fridge and cupboards produced what I needed.

Garlic and Parsley flatbread (nan bread) only 10p reduced from £1.19

Container of Southern Indian Chicken Rasam Sauce, this was in the freezer for a long time (I'd forgotten about it ) but proved to be just the job.  Reduced from £2.58 to 30p.

I started by frying some onions, diced potato's and one courgette cubed with a little creamed garlic, don't know how to price that little lot as it was all 'leftovers'
Then put some rice and some 'chopped greens' from the garden, into my Freecycled steamer
This picture was taken about 10 days ago, you can see the kale and turnip tops growing in containers, also lettuces too.  I try to incorporate greens into every meal if I can, and love it when I can just go outside and pick them myself !
So here is the end result - it was yummy even on a hot day.  I always cook too much, I've never been able to cook small amounts, due I'm sure, to cooking meals for a family years ago !  so now I 'cook one/freeze2' which means my freezer is never empty.
Don't know how to price this, as the potato, courgette, onion and rice were already here, and the greens and salad were free from the garden, so I'll say it worked out at about 30p per meal - Now that's what I call frugal.
take care peeps ............


  1. I love making something tasty with my leftovers and then adding veggies from my garden is an extra bonus.

    Good job!

  2. Your garden looks very productive! Learning how to make curry is on my to do list, I had an excellent biryani the other night in a resturant, that can't be too hard to replicate can it!?

  3. Very nice! I will be looking for all the frugal help I can get now! I like incorporating greens into as many meals as possible as well. Very healthy.



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