Saturday, 20 July 2013

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Are you all enjoying the heatwave ?  I'm definately not !  as a pale skinned redhead it's making me feel ill and I think I may well become a statistic on the NHS death list soon !

Moving swiftly on ............

It's not only humans that are suffering, the garden is taking lots of time and water right now, it's so hot I have to protect my young veggie plants with a fleece covering

This (hopefully) will stop the leaves from scorching.  Also I've noticed Cabbage White butterflies taking more than a passing interest in my brassicas - so this covering will serve a dual purpose.  You can see my garden is potted !  it had to be moved recently.

The soft fruit is doing well, fruit being the only thing growing directly in soil at the moment .....

These raspberries have the most amazing flavour, they're so easy to grow, yet the cost of a small punnet is £2.99 - why don't more folks grow them ?  Potted strawberries are also doing well.  I have a few containers of raspberries and strawberries in the freezer ready to bring back memories of summer.  I always have to discard several strawberry plants each year, so am now potting up new runners.

This is my 'non-edible' section of my garden (i.e. stuff in pots at the side of the garage)

And Rasputin (aka Thug) is still suffering from the heat as I am, he even fell asleep whilst watching the news last night.

I know how he feels !  You can see he still  has his 'hat and coat' on - that's the harness I use to take him for 'walkies' in the garden.   Regular readers will know I live on a main road and will not let my cats out because I know they have no road sense whatsover - and would just sit in the middle of the road waiting to be run over !!
take care peeps ................

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