Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I've Drawn Blood - (and other stuff)


Still doing my 6 miles a day walk, but very early now 'cos I have to be back before the heat sets in and I start melting.

Look what I got this morning - a bloody toe !  - I'll live, won't bother the good folks at A & E.

I was going to give details of an affiliate link but nothing's come through yet, so moving swiftly on.

Lunch very frugal today as always, salad leaves from the garden and a small tin of pilchards for 27p and some home made bread rolls. 

I make my own salad dressing

Simple, I don't measure stuff, just some oil, vinegar, lemon juice for the base, then add whatever takes your fancy, i.e. mustard, herbs, garlic, balsamic vinegar, Worcester sauce etc. etc., put it in a jar, shake it up and there you are, keep the remainder in the fridge. For a creamy dressing, I use plain low fat yoghurt with a little sweet chilli sauce stirred through - Very frugal.

That will do me for today, too hot to eat.

Too hot for the cats too, I put this garden parasol in their run, I got it from Freecycle, they love it, and sit under it in the shade.

I'm not happy at the fact they don't go out in the world, but I come from the Shropshire countryside, and the cats have no roadsense at all, they are just used to the odd passing tractor.  Now I live on a main road, and I have no intention of my cats becoming the latest statistics around here !  The run is 12' x 20' it has logs for them to scratch on, chairs to sit on, an old wooden stepladder to climb up (also courtesey of Freecycle) and a catflap into the conservatory.  Half is covered so they can still go out in the rain if they want to.
It may not be ideal, but they are alive !
I really don't like this weather, am I the only one ?  it drains me and makes me feel quite sick.  I'm sitting at the puter now absolutely dripping with sweat - gotta go and cool down somewhere, might jump in the 6' freezer in the garage.
take care peeps ...................

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  1. We seem to be having the same s ort of weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. This heat is draining.

    I worry constantly about my outdoor cats going in the road and losing them to the cars that speed through because it is a country road. However, so far, they seem content to be on my porch, deck, gardens and woodlands.



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