Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Make Your Own PJ Bottoms - Easy and Frugal ..............


Here's a quick tutorial on how to make PJ bottoms virtually free and save ££££'s, you can make them for any member of the family.

You need:
One unwanted/unloved quilt cover
Pair of PJ bottoms to use as a pattern

Fold existing PJ's in half and lay on top of fabric
and pull the elasticated front piece out straight before cutting !
Cut higher at the waist than you want the finished PJ's to be to allow for turning hem to insert elastic.

Use the cut piece, turn it over and cut out again - that's it !  That's my right foot in the corner by the way, sorry about that.

Sew down leg seams on both legs, you can overlock the seam if you want or leave it as it is.  They're only for sleeping in after all, don't think anyone will be popping down to the shops in them.
I overlocked the seams, as these are for a male relative (made for free) for which I am hoping to get some DIY work done later in return !  (another good reason is if you want an increase in the housekeeping!)

Overlocking done - not very neat, but 'only for sleeping in' so don't put pressure on yourself

When working at your sewing machine, it's always nice to have a friend ...........

or two - to help !
Now turn one leg right side in, and insert one inside the other - I never could explain this step, I hope you know what I mean, here's a pic anyway

Sew the seam (down front/up back) and overlock if you want (remember the housekeeping!) This is what it should look like.

Turn leg and waistband hems like so ..............
Now if you want to put in a front opening placket and go to the trouble of making a buttonhole and attaching a button, of course that's up to you (depends on how much extra housekeeping you want)  I didn't bother, as long as there is no waist shaping and you have cut them completely straight, all that faffing around just isn't necessary.  (actually I did that on one pair)
After all, how many menfolks do you know that stagger to the bathroom in the middle of the night, undo a button and then perform their natural functions ?  NO - don't tell me - too much information !!
Anyway, here is a picture of the finished PJ bottoms, and yay !  there is enough fabric in one quilt cover for two pairs plus fabric left over for patchwork etc., FREE !!

 You could always distinguish each pair by decorating with flowers, embroidery etc.,  I'm sure your other half will love you for it !
Make them in pretty fabric and use as jogging bottoms
Insert elastic through bottom of leg and use as jogging bottoms
Make them short to use as er shorts
Make patchwork style using leftover fabrics
Hope you give this a go, leave me a comment if you do and I'd love to see some pics.
and of course it's also nice to have a 'friend' get in the bloomin way and stop you doing a post  help with your blog !

You can see I have to use an 'extra' keyboard - don't ask !!
take care peeps .................


  1. I have done this too, and made my other half some dark blue check pjs. For some reason he declined the offer of a second pair [well the spare duvet cover in question WAS a rather pretty floral print!!] That grey stripe fabric is very masculine though. Summer blessings xx

    1. haha, it could have brought out his feminine side !!

  2. I also do this! Sheets work good, the older fabric is already so soft, I wish I had your assistant!

    1. Yes, you're right about the fabric, I'd had this for ages, can't remember where it came from, I think Ihad intended to make a rag rug with it, but I just didn't like it,but I've got rid of it now !!

  3. Love it not sure im clever enough!


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