Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thrifted Skirt, A shattered Cat and Some Damage !!


Here is my latest 'thrifted' skirt - now isn't that a good word ?  -  thrifted ?  so economical, better than saying 'I got this from a charity shop' - thrifted, yes I like it.

Isn't it pretty ?  from Next, I love the layered look and the wavy hemline.  Also the detail in the waistband, it smacks of quality.  It's too short for me to wear as it is of course, I thought of adding extra fabric/length at the waistband but don't want to mess with it as it is so nice, so I will probably layer it over another skirt of similar colours or a floaty white one.  I like it anyway, especially as it was only £1.00 !

Here is Rasputin (aka Thug) finding a cool spot after coming in from outdoors.

He needs somewhere to rest his head !

I wonder if this is why he's so shattered ?

Wallpaper 'removed' from the corner of the stairwell !  oh dear, more work for me.  Don't be fooled by his sweet little face - he lives up to his name, he wasn't called 'Thug' for nothing (amongst other things) he's more trouble/creates more work/does more damage than a house full of monkeys!)
take care peeps ...............

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