Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Few Bargains for You to See............


I'm pleased with this little lot, thought you would like to see how well I did !

A pack of 24  x L'Oreal Shampoos from the 99p shop - I will need two of these at a time because I have long hair, but even so, very cheap.

This cut glass and silver plated cruet set complete with lids and stoppers - 50p.

A richly embellished top, with silver and red sequins, I won't be wearing it !  but I will be using those sequins in my craft work.  I do like the motto though.  It cost 50p.

Another one bought for the same reason, this one cost 20p.
I love this !!  skirt from Principles in shades of green, what could be better ? - 50p.  It's miles too big for me though, it's a 16, and I hover between a 10 and 12, but no matter, I could wear it 'low slung' as a hipster because I only wear long skirts anyway, or attach a piece of fabric onto the waist and add some elastic - simple.  I think that's what I'll do.  It would look lovely worn over this :-

How pretty is this ?  I love this too, rows and rows of broderie anglaise and fully lined.  Made in Paris, France, no less, of  course the price tag reflects this - 50p. !!  This will look great worn with any maxi dress or under shorter length skirts.
Didn't she do well ?
take care peeps ...............

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