Saturday, 3 August 2013

An alternative to Ebay ?


Do you Ebay ? is it worth it ? Ebay fees really are nothing short of rip-off - common knowledge, but even so I still use Ebay regularly to get rid of my 'unwanted 'stuff' treasures.

Well there is an alternative - Ebid.  (so before we go any further, NO, I'm not getting paid for this )

I use Ebay, but if you aren't careful, you can end up out of pocket just by listing.  i.e. you pay a listing fee, a final value fee, extra fees for pics and 'shops',  and of course Paypal take their cut as well.

I 'try' to get around this by only listing when Ebay offer a 'zero insertion weekend', which is usually every other week, but be careful, it's not set in concrete, it has been known for 'zero insertion weekends' not to be offered for 3/4 weeks.

So what's the alternaive ?  apart from Craigslist etc. etc.,  It's Ebid.

Well I've been watching Ebid for a while now, believe me, there is no comparison in their costs !  They have a 'one off' offer, which, initially seems a lot, but is so much cheaper than Ebay.  They have 'x' millions of people viewing all the time, so in my mind, it's a good alternative.

i.e. for an initial cost of £49.95  (ouch) you have a lifetimes listing.  That's right, get over the initial cost, and compare (I will resist the tempation of saying 'go compare')

You can list anything you like, for as long as you like, they have a 'run until sold' option at no extra costs, you can have 5 free pics as opposed to one at Ebay, and (I think) you can open 5 shops, strewth, how much would that cost at Ebay ??

I think it's a good alternative to run alongside Ebay.

If you don't want to pay the £49.95, you can still list for free but pay a final value fee.  Still better than Ebay.

Just a thought peeps ............

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  1. Thank you for this... I will check Ebid out, I did not know this service was out there... & Thank you so much for your kind comments today... Hugs May x x x


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