Friday, 9 August 2013

Boiler update, this and that, a recipe and spot the cat !!


Well the boiler engineer came and gave it the once over, as I expected, he has been instructed to keep the costs down to a minimum, i.e. just replace the boiler, not the radiators or leaking pipework !  I suppose that's more than I could ever have hoped for.  It should be done and dusted early next week, by which time I should smell a little sweeter !

Talking of flies !  with this oppressive heat lately, it's impossible to keep them out of the house.  I've tried swatting but I'm a lousy aim and miss most of them, and I just don't like spraying all those chemicals into the air.  I also hate those sticky filthy fly papers that hang up from the ceiling like a Christmas decoration, full of rotting fly corpses !  ugh.

Anyway, something had to be done, and I remembered I had one of those super duper fly killer/zapper thingies packed away (how can you forget one of those ?  well I did) I had it when I lived in the country and it was permanantly in use,  I unpacked it, and within minutes of setting it up, it was zapping away and killing the little beasts.  Now I hate killing anything but when it comes down to hygiene and preventing disease, the flies have to go !!

You can see the first victims in the tray at the bottom.
The fruit has done very well this year, in fact I'm picking it every day.  I've had loads of strawberries, zillions of raspberries and tons of redcurrants, not to mention rhubarb, gooseberries and a few blueberries.  Most are eaten fresh with just plain yoghurt on for a low fat desert, or on top of porridge for breakfast, a lot has been lightly stewed and is in the freezer, ready to give me a taste of summer in the depths of the cold British Winter to come.
I've also made crumbles with it, rhubarb and redcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry and redcurant

You don't need me to tell you how to make a crumble I'm sure, it's just flour with marg rubbed in and a little sugar added and that's it - sprinkle it on top of whatever fruit you're using.  Of course if you want to show off, you can add some toasted sesame seeds, ground sunflower seeds, or oats for extra protein.
Yummy!  now should it have yoghurt topping, custard or ice cream ?  decisions decisions !
Now that ****** cat of mine has been playing up again, you know the one, Rasputin, otherwise known as 'Thug' or more commonly 'Cooking Fat' - he ran away and hid after his latest wrecking spree, and he thinks I can't see him- ha!  no good hiding sunshine - I'm gonna get ya !

Meanwhile, here is Lady Leah 1 behaving like the perfect little lady that she is !

I'm starting on some new craft projects for my Etsy shop, I'll post details when they're ready.
take care peeps ........................


  1. Hi Wean, Glad that boiler is fixed...Love your cats cooking fat looks a right character!! Little lady Leah has the right name she's so pretty... Thank you so much for your visits to my blog... I'm looking forward to what you will make with your goodies you have been collecting....Have a great weekend... Hugs May x x x

  2. Hey Wean, I love this post, (and all your posts)! The cats are so cute. How many cats do you have? I've never seen a fly zapper like yours. We could use one of those!!

  3. beautiful photos, love the cats!! the fruit sounds wonderful,

  4. Hi Friend! I love that you are getting so much fruit! That ol' kitty cat thinks he's hiding! LOL. XOXO

  5. We have a bug zapper that is manual and in the shape of a tennis racket. Works great.



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