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Book Review - Hilary Devey ........... and a welcome


First welcome to Trudie from Trudie's Cottage, my latest follower, welcome Trudie I'm so pleased to have you here.  I'm reading through your blog, we have a lot in common !

I love biographies, and autobiographies, love to read about other peoples lives, probably because I'm nosey interested in how they achieved their fame (or not!)

This is a lady I've admired for a long time - Hilary Devey

'Bold as Brass' is the name of her autobiography, and it fits her perfectly !
She had a somewhat unusual childhood, and moved around a lot with her parents who ran public houses and changed them often.
She was serving and pulling pints at the age of 12, something that would never be allowed now, and on more than one occasion, was left solely in charge, even to having to clear the place and lock up.
It comes as no surprise then, that she is able to 'hold her own' talking to strong minded men.
She has always been 'her own woman' and the urge to 'make it on her own' is what drove her to create 'Pallex', a logistics company that revolutionised the way goods are transported around the country.
She suffered lots of set backs whilst getting the business off the ground, almost went bankrupt and had to grovel for money to get by on more than one occasion.
She has been married twice, the first time resulted in her having a son, who sadly, turned to drugs and almost lost his life,  Hilary, thinking she was acting in his best interest, kept funding his habit.
She now openly admits that it was her total dedication to building the business, and not giving her son the time and attention he needed and craved, that caused this.
All successful people will admit to this, she is not alone in admitting this is the price that is paid for success and fame.
Now, more famous for her outspoken appearances on Dragons Den, she has also starred in TV programmes such as 'Secret Millionaire' and her own show where she encourages young people to try and start up on their own.
She was not well accepted in The Den, she did not fit in, and indeed they made no secret of the fact that they thought she was 'quite mad' -  I think that's rather unkind.
She did not enjoy her time in the Den for more than one reason, her health is not good, she suffers dreadfully from back pain, and cannot walk very far, she frequently has to use a wheelchair.
I admire anyone, male or female, that has overcome adversity like this, and not let other people bring them down, in my eyes she is a star - a slightly eccentric star - but a star no less !
I've read this book twice, and could quite happily read it again, and probably will !
Recommended if you are nosey interested in peoples lives like me.
Here are a couple of pics I took today

This is my tomato forest growing in the conservatory
and 'Spot the Cat'

there's two here, can you see little Lucy ?

As you can see, they're up high in the conservatory, soaking up some 'rays'
take care peeps ..................

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