Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fight the Good Fight with the Damned Cabbage White ............


Are you at war with the cabbage white butterfly ?

I've tried everything, except spraying that is, don't fancy having all those chemicals in my food.  I have tried the old soap and water spray though, but it doesn't work, all it does is to give them a wash !

This is a group of eggs, but usually there's several groups under one leaf.  Just look at this:

This is what they look like magnified - ugh !!
I've tried covering with fleece, useless, they still get underneath and can be found next morning by the dozen having a nap like it's their own personal sauna !
I treat my brassicas like 'cut and come again' crops, picking the leaves when they're big enough, and getting 'extra value' from them.  I thought if I picked often enough the butterflies wouldn't get chance to keep laying eggs - haha silly me !  I can't keep up with them.  They must be bursting to lay so many eggs.
I've more or less given up now, I just pick off the infected leaves, and hope the plants outlive the butterflies, so that they will produce more leaves when the weather turns chillier.  This is probably the only time I can't wait for the cold weather to arrive !
In the meantime, I have French beans, runner beans, spinach and beet tops to eat, none of which seem to be appetizing to the cabbage white.
I picked some more raspberries this morning, but it seems the wasps have moved in on them - and enjoying a later summer feast.
Thank you to the people who ordered some 'Playing Card Gift Tags', they'll be in the post to you within the next couple of days, and Sarah, no you don't need an Etsy account, just email me again with your details.
take care peeps ..................

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