Sunday, 25 August 2013

High Tech item repairs leaking 'new' boiler, garden produce and a load of old compost .........

Hope you are having a good weekend.  Are you going anywhere nice over the weekend ?  I'll be at home, gardening and crafting as usual.

Anyway, the latest on the boiler saga, on the first day of it's working life, it sprang a leak, no worries though, this high tech piece of kit has put it right !

Yes, that's right, it's a top of the market, state of the art, cutting edge - bucket !  well it catches the water as it leaks out, and no, I won't be calling the workmen back in, well not just yet anyway, call back tomorrow and I'll explain.

You can see what a botch up job it is - just look at the mess on the tiles, and I don't think those pipes should even be on show anyway ?  Oh well, I have to be thankful for small mercies, at least I get hot water now when I turn on the tap, even if some of it has to be caught in a bucket !!
The garden is still providing

Some beet leaves, turnip tops, both for light steaming, a handful of runner beans, the French beans are still coming along nicely, a bunch of redcurrants and the last of the summer raspberries to garnish a light dessert of fruit with yoghurt.

Here's a little tip for stripping currants from their stalk.  It's usual to sort of 'jab' downwards with the fork, sending currants everywhere except in the bowl, but if you thread the stalk through the prongs of the fork, see picture, then just pull the stalk up through the prongs, all the currants stay in the bowl where they're supposed to be.

Here's a bowl each of the last of the strawberries/raspberries, they've just had a quick zap in the mircrowave, they'll go in the freezer when cool.
Everything in my garden is growing in pots.  It annoys me when people say they can't grow anything because they don't have enough space in their gardens - look here, and it's all been started this year (late as well)


These pics were taken quite early in the season, the place actually looks like the Brazilian Rain Forest now !  I'll take some more pics for tomorrow.
So, it can be done, growing in pots I mean, I will be honest, you will need a LOT of compost, and will have to water sometimes twice a day in hot weather, but as we don't get a lot of that here in UK, watering is manageable.
Compost is not cheap, so best make your own, I'm starting now for next year.  All the leftovers go into it of course, and the pots will also be emptied into it too, if the roots of plants haven't filled the pots, I will just top them up next year, waste not want not.
I don't have much of a lawn, so grass cuttings don't count for much, about a cupful every week !  but I make up for it with dead leaves, there'll be plenty of them going free very soon.  Also once a week I cut/tear up one whole newspaper (The Financial Times is best)  no, no, I'm jesting !  any newspaper will do !  On top of that I add my tea bags for the week, torn/cut up, don't put them in whole, they will rot down but will take forever, and you will get whole teabags in your pots/garden next year, not a good look.  By placing the tea bags on top of the torn paper, any moisture seeps into the paper and it will rot down quicker.
Then on top of that I add crushed up eggshells, DON'T put in egg shells without first baking them or putting them into the oven after you've used it, if you do, you will encourage rats, flies and therefore maggots.

I was going to go waffling on, but I'll save it for another post.
take care peeps ...........


  1. I feel your pain on the leak. At least your family is using a bucket. I couldn't figure our where my Pyrex roasting pan had gone.

    You've got it in one. Under a sink, in my son's bathroom.

    Now, if my husband would just fix the leak!

  2. I like the look of your pot garden! Very productive...your chick peas are looking good too!

  3. Thank you Sooz, it's entirely down to you that I planted chick peas in the first place ! I have more coming on, I'll post pics soon.

  4. 50 and counting - I also have a Pyrex roasting pan catching another leak under the sink !


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