Thursday, 1 August 2013

I saw a Crop Circle ............... !!


I saw a crop circle - yes I did !  well several of them actually sort of joined in a pattern !  woo hoo !

Now this is NOT it, 'cos I was driving at the time and couldn't stop to photograph it, but it's as close as dammit.
I was taking Sopicat to the vet and driving down the M54 in Shropshire, I glanced to the left and couldn't believe my eyes !  I wish I could have stopped but it would have been dangerous.  Anyway, I went the long way home and drove past it again, and yup, crop circles alright !  Amazing.
So what are your thoughts, please don't poo pooh them, they do exist, I just saw one !  sensible theories only please !
So how do they get there?  who does it ?  WHAT does it ?  no smashed crops to indicate anyone walking across the field, no machinery nearby, and strangely enough, in spite of the heavy torential rains we've had, the wheat was still standing bolt upright which made the crop circles stand out even more.
I think it's something we'll never know really.  There's always going to be the doubting Thomas's who will ridicule anything they don't understand, but I keep an open mind and would be interested in your ideas.
If anyone believes them to be man made, I'd love to know how its done !
take care peeps ......................


  1. I couldn't believe it when I read this, we just this moment finished watching the episode of Midsomer about crop circles, i'm not sure where I stand on them but certainly I keep an open mind because I truly believe we are not alone in the universe at all, the reason I say I'm not certain is because although I believe some are truly not made by man some most definitely are!!!Believer here!!!!

  2. Thank you for that Laurie - I really don't see how this could be manmade - there was just no trace of anyone walking through the wheat, it would have been crushed or marked in some way.
    I consider myself honoured to have seen this !

  3. Interesting. I have no idea how they get there!




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