Monday, 5 August 2013

IT PASSED ....... !!


It passed, it passed, it passed, just in case you didn't get that IT PASSED !!

That's twice in two years !!  that's a first for me, never had that before.  The guy said 'It's fine, can't find anything wrong  with it'  -  woo hoo !!
So now I m going to reward it with a new set of hubcaps, I've been driving around with only two for ages.  I think the car deserves it !
I'll catch up tomorrow with some more bits and pieces,
take care peeps ...........
Oooh how rude of me ! just noticed I have a new follower.  Hello Henny Penny and welcome.  I hope you will come back often.


  1. Congratulations... It's a great feeling when that happens....Hugs May x x x



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