Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Job done ......... (or is it a trade off?)


Well, heating engineer and little friend came, saw, and conquered!  - my heating boiler that is.

Oh my, where do I start ?

Well apart from the kitchen/dining area looking like the battle of the Somme, I don't have a clue !

Warning:  picture heavy.

Sooo, I think I will let the pictures do the talking :  In no particular order 'cos by now I've completely lost the plot and am 'off with the fairies' !!

Please bear in mind, I was told by an 'experienced' heating engineer, that all I would have to move was the kettle !  oh ha ha he he he ho ho ho ! forgive me for bustin' my sides laughing/crying !

This is my bed after the contents of the airing cupboard was dumped on it !

No further explanations after this point - I've lost it !!




I've just checked these pics, and it all looks quite sanitized really - but this is not the case !  what you don't see is the 1" layer of black dust/grit that covers everything, even the cats ! and the piles of rubble on the floor, and me sobbing uncontrollaby in the corner !
Fast forward, I'm still cleaning up !
So was it worth it ?  the jury is still out.
I now have 'instant' hot water BUT I've 'lost' an airing cupboard which I used a lot, 'cos the new boiler is one of those 'combi' jobbies that produces instant hot water, I used the airing cupboard to dry small items.
Before this was done, the tap in the bathroom was broken, and I had to use a jug to get several gallons of water to wash my very long hair.  Now I know you're expecting me to say this is now a thing of the past, but NO, I STILL have to use a jug to get several gallons of water to wash my hair, only difference being the water is now HOT !
Also, there is STILL a leak under the sink unit which I have to 'solve'  by keeping a shallow bowl under it to catch the flood.
Also 'apparantly' a full width shelf in a base unit was damaged and the 'workingmen' say it wasn't their fault (I have my own thoughts about this) so now everything that was in that cupboard is now on the worktop.
Also, just one of the leaks under the sink has now resulted in the 'perishing' of a shelf, so the contents of that are now also on my worktop.
Also, the new boiler is leaking !  yes I came down this morning to see a 'flood' on the worktop, it seems when the hot tap is running, water not only comes from the tap, but also from the 'new' boiler and floods the worktop.   Of course, I'm not supposed to say anything or complain !! 
take care peeps


  1. Oh my! Don't put anything away as you should be on the phone right now getting those people back to fix what they didn't and repair what they did.

  2. They should be fixing ALL that stuff!

  3. Oh Wean, bless your heart. Wish I could help.

  4. It's taken almost three years to get this far, he (landlord) won't do anything else ! I will have to get a plumber to fix the leaks myself, either that or just keep emptying bowls ! It's stupid really, because when I leave here, he will 'have' to fix the problems or no one else will move in !
    This is a disgraceful way for a landlord to behave, but apparantly he's just about on the side of 'legal' now and won't do any more !


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