Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Landlord from Hell gets his act together ..............!!


Regular visitors will know of the problems I've had with my landlord re the boiler and heating system to name just two !!

Well the boiler finally gave up the ghost, packed up, died, went to the great boiler recycling center in the sky, leaving me with no hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning etc. etc. (phew !!)

Over the last three years (yes! three years) he has sent various cowboys along (on their horses of course) to do botch up jobs to keep said boiler going a little longer, so he didn't have to put his hand in his pocket, which would keep me quiet and continue paying the rent.

It reached the stage where it couldn't be repaired, simply because it's so old and disfunctional (like me really) no spare parts could be found anywhere.

It was deemed 'dangerous and illegal' by British Gas, even then the landlord wouldn't do anything, preferring to save money and put my life at risk, saying I could leave if I wanted to !  The noise was unbelievable.

So when I (and the boiler) finally cracked, I threatened him with the law, Tenants Rights Organization and the Environmental Health Dept.  These seem to have done the trick, result ?  heating engineer calling tomorrow to assess the situation (no need - it's knackered!) and to provide a quote.

He (landlord who had better remain nameless in case he changes his mind!) even had the cheek to ask me if I claimed any sort of benefit, because apparantly, if a tenant does, they can get a boiler on behalf of the landlord !!  Oh Yeah - I'm really gonna do that now aren't I?  I don't claim benefits but even if I did, I certainly wouldn't do this so someone else could have their property improved off my back thank you very much !

So the boiler isn't the only thing that's knackered right now, I'm about one third of the way clearing, cleaning and scrubbing, and moving furniture so the boilerman can have at least a fighting chance of getting to the radiators to see if the pipework needs replacing.  Again, no need, just look at the leaks that have come through the ceiling since I lived here.

These have all resulted in various leaks from the radiators in the bedrooms and bathroom.  Yet he insists there are no leaks !
I think this last one proves my point .........

This bowl has to be emptied three times in 24 hours or the ceiling would have collapsed by now!  I've been very tempted to let that happen, but then it's me who would have to clean up !  Well, back to the cleaning.
take care peeps


  1. What a nasty bugger. Thank goodness it died in summertime or you would have had a bad wait for heat. Here is to hoping you have hot water soon!

  2. Too right CC ! only I'd use much stronger language than that ! this place looks good from the outside, a 3 x bed detached in a very nice area just on the edge of town, but inside, it's like the 'before' of one of those 'before and after' properties !
    I'm staying here because of my two elderly cats, they are on daily meds, and a move would be too traumatic for them at their time in life.
    At least when the boiler is fixed, they can live out their days in warmth and comfort ! mind you, they didn't get cold last year (I did!) 'cos I bought them all an electrically heated pet bed each !
    I hate to think of that time arriving, but that's when I'll be out of here.

  3. Good luck! The landlord is a lowlife and should feel bad for allowing his building with tenants be in that condition. Of course, he probably only cares about the money.

  4. You must be a very patient person...and very sweet!!!



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