Saturday, 17 August 2013

My name is Wean, I am an addict ...........


Hangs head in shame, yes I have to admit it at last,  that I am an addict !!

A bargain addict that is !!

I kid myself on a Saturday morning, that I'll just pop along to the local boot sale 'to pass an hour or so' or 'it will break up the day' or 'better get out before the weather changes' -  but No !  I want  need to go because I need my fix !  It's surprising just how much stuff there is out there that I didn't realise I couldn't live without !  trouble is, most of it is ending up in my living room !

I don't care, I offer no apologies, it's my 'thing' and I love it.  I'm doing no harm so no worries right ?

Soooo, without further ado, let me introduce you to todays rubbish bargains.

This lovely black lace skirt.  It's beautiful and fully lined, and no, I won't be wearing it, but just look at all that lovely black sparkly lace that I can use in my craft projects - 20p.

I love this, I'm definately a geriatric hippy, and this reminds me of my youth, I WILL be using this.

Two pretty skinny 'scarves' - why they are called 'scarves' goodness only knows !  anyway, just look at those strips of sequins and bling !  you couldn't get a couple of inches for what I paid for all of it - 20p.  They are destined for craft work.

Very pretty vintage doilies, again for craft work. 20p for the three.
I love the detail on these jeans, but I hate the previous owner !  these are a skinny size 8 - bitch !!
anyway, I'll be using the denim in various craft projects, but what caught my eye was the beading around the waist, and the lovely eyelet and thonging detail - all of which will be upcycled.

Hope you can see this white dress against my white door.  No, it's not a nightie, it's a shift dress in lace with elasticated top.  Just imagine some gorgeous young thing wearing this, off the shoulder and with a lovely tan !  Not so for me, it's designated for craftwork again, although I am considering wearing it over skinny jeans with a belt ?  what do you think peeps ?

I really like this, I saw just some olive green lacy stuff sticking out of a bag and pulled it out, and it was the hem on a denim skirt !  who'd have thought it ?  as if that wasn't bounty enough, it also has a faux suede 'detail' at the waist'  Now this fits perfectly a size 12, and I think I will wear this, it's full length, so will look good with ankle boots I'm thinking.  You'll be seeing now peeps, I'm not your normal Granny !

I couldn't resist this - a 'Save' money box !  in the shape of a computer key. Only 20p.
That's it for this Saturday night, except to say thank you to those who want some of my 'Monster' gift tags, I have a few more sets, if you don't want to go 'through' Etsy, just email me.
Have a good weekend peeps ..........


  1. Wear the dress Wean, I do not dress to my age on the outside, I dress how I feel. The skirt will look good with slouch boots. As for an addict, I have acquired 3 singer sewing machines this week and intend to keep them all.

  2. I think you did well, some great finds! I also think you have some great style!, lol, I think I'm in that geriatric hippy thing too!

  3. I love the things you found...especially the denim skirt!! The skirt and the dress will look good on you!

  4. Can you cut the waistband off the skinny jeans and wear it as a belt?

  5. That bag is glorious- I already have one like that but that wouldn't have stopped me. I too am a bargain addict but at least you're also supporting the charity and like you, I invariably have other plans for the goodies I do bring home.

  6. Yay, you got some great stuff! You go girl! I was just reading your recent post about the repairs going on. Oh dearie me! Don't cry, LOL. Hope it is all better soon! I just don't like disruption like that, and I know you don't either. Hang in there!!




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