Monday, 5 August 2013

Off Into the Depths of the Unknown again ...............


Wish me luck !!  it's that time again.  Passed last time, but it's an older car 'R' reg and although in very good condition mechanically and bodywork, it will get an extra special check I think.  It does have the 'magic badge' on it i.e. Honda !  the best car on the planet, so fingers crossed.

My car has been lovingly cleaned and polished inside and out, everything checked, broken brake light replaced, extra special 'doings' at the car wash, I've even used cotton buds to clean out the speaker grids on the radio/cd unit !  can't do any more, it's in the hands of the Gods car mechanics now.

Catch you later .................


  1. I am sure it will pass inspection with flying colors as it seems you take very good care of your Honda.

  2. Hondas are the best cars. My last 3 cars were Honda made (Civic then Acura EL now Acura TSX which Civic makes the frame/motor for). Hoping it passes without any work. We don't have to go thru anything like that here in Canada.

  3. Good Luck!! I love the way you write too! I can almost hear your accent when I read your posts. "Peeps" I love that! Love your blog!

  4. Thank you all - IT PASSED !! I'm so relieved.



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