Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful ..........


Thank you for your kind messages and thoughts.  Losing a beloved pet just tears you apart, it has to be faced but the pain just takes over sometimes.

So, now I have some reasons to be cheerful:  (there's a song in there somewhere !)

I was given a pile of crafting items by a very kind lady who didn't want them anymore - there's allsorts here, this is when I'm trying to sort through it, it's like winning the lottery !

Here it is, sort of sorted !  this will give me many hours of pleasure just wading through it and planning stuff.

Look at these two lovely vintage sewing boxes, aren't they cute ?  they're lined and padded.  These cost only £2.00 - I couldn't resist.

Tomato's ripening in the conservatory.  I'm pleased with these, especially as I didn't start my gardening efforts until late this year, you may remember I vowed never to 'garden' again after getting washed out three times last year !  But if it's in yer blood, you just gotta do it.

This is the view from my bedroom window - it could be worse couldn't it ?  I'll never be at peace until I'm back in the countryside, but until then, this isn't that bad.  Just around the corner (literally) there are fields, lovely walks and small pools and lakes.  I've seen people post pics of their 'views' and all you can see is rooftops, so I consider myself fortunate.

Some peas I have grown, I don't grow them for the peas really, they're so cheap, why bother ?  these are growing in a hanging basket, but I had nowhere to hang it ! so it's just resting on an upturned pot.  I grow them because I love the white flowers, they make a lovely trailing plant and of course, the odd handful of peas now and again makes a nice fresh addition to a salad.  A pretty anemone blooms in front.

And of course, my beloved Carrotcat is still with me.
take care peeps .............

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