Monday, 26 August 2013

So here are the two reasons I won't leave here in spite of it being disfunctional ...


I hope you've had a good Bank Holiday Monday, for a change here in UK, the weather has been good, and kind to all those boot sale traders I hope !

I've stayed mainly indoors, except to water the 'crops', as a pale skinned redhead, I can't stand the heat, so I've been crafting, researching and catching up on chores.

Anyway, following on from yesterdays post, here are the two reasons I wont leave this 'lovely on the outside but totally disfunctional on the inside' house ........... (well not yet anyway)

Lady Leah 1

and Sopicat who, as you can see, has trouble relaxing !
Actually I can smile now, but for the two days the workmen were here installing the boiler, I was in a state of high stress, and soooo worried about these two.
Lady Leah 1 'died' two years ago, yes, you read that right.  I will recount this story shortly, it still upsets me greatly to even think about it.  She has a weak heart and Sopicat is FIV positive, has a hole in the heart and thyroid problems.
Both of these precious babies are on lifetime meds, (costs an arm and a leg but who cares) I take great care of them and, it seems, watch them 24/7.   I should add here, they are in their 19th year !
They are brother and sister !  I know, you wouldn't think it, Sopicat is quite fat a big boy, all bull and bluster, and Lady Leah 1 is a dainty little lady, yet they really are from the same litter.  Lady Leah1 has, apparantly, some 'Burman' in her, and the girls at the vets have fallen in love with her.
Anyway, because of the work recently carried out, all (5) cats had to be confined to the conservatory, for their own safety and my peace of mind.  They didn't like it, they were not happy !  neither was I, especially as I couldn't get to them because of the upheaval -  they weren't fed for 7 1/2 hours !  they were starving and I was distraught because they had not had their meds !
Long story short, all this resulted in emergency (expensive) visits to my vet, who confirmed they were suffering from stress - OMG - the guilt !!  he gave them an injection, and I stayed with them all night, napping on the sofa, thank goodness, now they seem to be getting back to normal.
NO WAY am I submitting them to that ever again, the strangers in the house, the mess, the noise of the drills, falling rubble etc. etc.,  I now have a 'sort of' working boiler, which, hopefully, will make sure they are comfortable and warm this  winter (we won't mention the fact that it is leaking and I have to keep a bucket under it!)  I don't care, their comfort and health is paramount.
So peeps, that is why I'm staying put, a move right now would be so traumatic for them I really believe they woudn't survive it. I can manage.  They are dependant on me, and I won't let them down.
take care peeps ........


  1. I would do the same thing, thank goodness these cats were lucky enough to share your home, their lives could have been much shorter if not, you are a sweet heart, hope that boiler works!

  2. You are a good person and are doing what is best for your family. I hope that everything will be OK with you, Lady Leah I, Sopicat, and your boiler.

  3. Your kitty cats are so lucky to have you! I wish everyone cared that much about their animals. Sopicat looks very much like my 'Bickett'. Lady Leah I, and Sopicat are both beautiful!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, it's nice to know you understand and would do the same - take care.

  5. These are two very loved cats. All of us who own cats know the magic they weave- we would do anything for them.

  6. So true bonsaimum - thank you


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