Monday, 19 August 2013

Will he...... won't he ?


So will he or won't he ?  turn up today that is ?

The boiler repair man who was supposed to turn up last Monday ?  So now it's almost a month without hot water - not much fun believe me, no shower or hot bath, even hair washing means boiling the kettle several times.  You can take it from me peeps - a 'stand up wash' just doesn't cut it !!  not if you want to mix with other people anyway !

“We can have someone come out between 9am and 1pm.”

How many times have you heard that ?

Repairmen seem to have a special pass when it comes to punctuality.

I really don’t know how couples who both work outside the home ever get their cable installed or the washer fixed, but even working from home doesn’t mean I’m actually home all day. Since I know I’m not the only one rearranging my schedule for repairs, I came up with a list of ten things to work on while I wait.

The key is these activities must be able to be stopped on a moment’s notice so you don’t miss the knock at the door.

*** Many companies charge you a fee for not answering the door when they show up sometime in that four hour window.
  1. Read one of the books from the stack on the nightstand {or one to your child}.
  2. Repair missing buttons from clothing.
  3. Wipe down all the light switches and doorknobs in the house.
  4. Write thinking-of-you or thank-you cards. By hand. Stamp and mail.
  5. Sort, file, and shred one stack of paperwork or mail.
  6. Pick a new recipe to try and add any missing ingredients to your shopping list.
  7. Call and schedule routine appointments: physicals, haircut, massage.
  8. Journal or write.
  9. Spruce up the entrance: sweep the porch,
  10. This is one (or more) NOT to do whilst waiting - dont under any circumstances switch on the vacuum, do not use hairdryer/washing machine or anything that makes the slightest noise !         I refer you to:  *** above.
  11. An extra one just for luck - stock up on valium/booze/anti depressants, whatever does it for you !

take care peeps ........

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  1. Good list of things to do!! Enjoyed this post.


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