Friday, 27 September 2013

A Frugal Recipe from the Great Man Himself ............


I'm talking about Jamie Oliver of course !

Now don't groan, I won't allow you to slag him off !  there are 'those' who think they are above any advice handed out by a celebrity, who are so 'up themselves' they think they can't be taught anything about frugality or stretching food.

I'm not so arrogant, and even though I believe I can stretch money from here to infinity (and beyond) and live for a week on 5p - (well amost), I always keep an open mind about frugality.

So what if he's making money out of it ?  it's his job isn't it ?  do you expect him to do it for nothing ?

Of course Jamies idea of frugal eating, isn't quite as cheap as us frugalistas, but he's coming close, bless him.  Just by taking the basic ideas he has to offer and 'tweaking' them a little, by substituting cheaper or home ingredients, we can all learn something, and he's not really aiming this at us, but at those (very silly) people who spend £££'s everyday on just their dinner !  (well someone has to tell them)

So when I received his latest book as an early birthday present, I was delighted and started thumbing through it immediately.

Now I am leading up to something, obviously, it's this :  the humble (reduced) celeriac.  Following Jamies recipe, you can make a delicious roast out of this vegetable.

As it happened, I had this in my vegetable rack anyway, wondering what to do with it, I've only usually chopped it up and roasted it with other veggies, but this 'roast' is delicious, cheap and a brilliant substitute for a meat roast.
It's so easy too,  the instructions are to scrub it clean, but a celeriac has so many grooves and bumps, I couldn't be bothered to do that, so I just cut off the outer skin finely.

Then lay it on some foil and pour over some oil, again Jamie uses a more expensive one than me, but this does exactly the same job, I use vegetable oil, then rub in some crushed garlic and sprinkle over with dried herbs, fresh ones are recommended but I didn't have any.  Pull the foil up like a parcel and bake in a medium oven, my celeriac wasn't all that big so only too just over an hour, the smells in the kitchen were mouth watering.
This is what it looks like when it's done.

It sliced like a dream, like slicing through butter !  and it was yummy.  Most of the overpowering aniseed flavour had gone and this is how I enjoyed it the first time.

Veggies from the garden and a nice flavoured gravy, followed by apples and raspberries also from the garden topped with natural yoghurt - mouth wateringly yummy.
I can't recommend this enough, do give it a try, especially if you are a vegeterian.
Oh and another way I had this, the next day, I sliced it up, poured over the saved herby/garlicky oil and fried it, served with home made potato wedges and a poached egg, but as usual, I forgot to photograph that !  I'm trying out another recipe, I'll post about that soon.
So there you go, please don't assume you know it all - we can all learn something.
take care peeps,


  1. Well that is certainly something I would never have thought of doing. I'm always in two minds about Jamie, some of his stuff and lots of his ideas are great and his heart seems to be in the right place, but then he does something embarassing on tv (like his series with Jimmy) and I wonder why. I might give this a go if I find a nice cheap celariac.

  2. Hi FL, I'm wondering if it would work with a swede or turnip ? don't see why not, but would take longer to cook a swede I think. I'll probably give it a go.

  3. Hi Debra, it tastes better than it sounds or looks ! give it a try - you'll love it. With all the 'trimmings' it's well worthy of a Sunday Roast.

  4. I've never eaten celeriac before, or wanted to, but you make it look quite appetising!

    Jamie Oliver donated 40,000 copies of his new book to libraries across the UK, so those who couldn't afford to buy his book (those who were probably most in need to frugal recipes) could access it for free. Makes him a good man in my books!

  5. ~Well said Sooz ! he does a lot that goes unnoticed.
    Try this recipe, like you, I didn't really 'fancy' celeriac at all, but after cooking this recipe twice, it will be a favourite now.
    You could add any herbs/spices you like I suppose - good luck



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