Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Don't read this if you're eating ........... you have been warned !


First welcome to the newest follower - YONKS - what a great name !  Yonks is from Welsh Wales - a place very dear to my heart, and not all that far away either.  I also love antique collectables, vintage style and historical interest, so I'll be noseying around your blog.  Welcome.

This is gross !!  there is a warning here - no matter how fresh you think your salad is from the garden, wash it, wash it again, and wash it some more !!  or you might get this ....

OMG - sick ... sick ......... sick - I'll never eat salad again  !!
Moving swiftly on with a few bits and bobs (especially for Lynn)
I have to take Sopicat to the vet later for his monthly injection and check up

He is in his 19th. year, in spite of having heart problems and being FIV positive. He gets a recurring sort of mild cat flu, but because he is FIV pos, it could be 'nasty' if he didn't have his monthly treatment.
(P.S. - OK just got back from seeing Saint Stephen - my vet, and he is pleased with Sopicat, he has put on a few ounces (Sopicat not the vet) better than losing a few, he has to have his thyroid tested again in two weeks, but on the whole a good and reassuring visit).
I sold two items on Ebay this time, a set of vintage cutlery and a vintage rose bowl, both  of which have been hanging around for ages.  I was looking into the possibility of having an Ebay shop and buying and selling, but quite honestly, after all the fees, and having to declare any profits to HMRC, it just isn't  worth it, so I'll just carry on selling my unwanted stuff.  Are there any 'professional' Ebay sellers out there ?  does it work for you ?
I've been working on some bags for Etsy, made from recycled fabrics of course, I have three half finished, I must get my finger out !  Trouble is, I have so many ideas, my brain works quicker than my hands, and it's difficult concentrating on the project in hand when mentally I've already designed another half dozen !
I'll give it my best shot and hope for some pics by the weekend.
take care peeps and watch out for those slugs .........


  1. Cool! You got free protein with your salad!

  2. Wean, seriously?? Is that a slug? Hope Sopicat is doing good. I love your cats.

  3. Oh my!!! Luckily, Henny Penny forewarned me not to be eating when I popped over next. LOL. I am just glad you spotted him before... Well, you know what I mean. Glad you are moving onward and upward with bits and bobs! And great about the Ebay sales!!




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