Thursday, 5 September 2013

Have you hit the (garden) wall yet ?


So have you ? You know what I mean, after all the work and toil in the early Spring, planting, sowing and nurturing, after you are harvesting and eating much of your produce, there comes a time when, the garden looks a tad overgrown, and is crying out for you to get out there and tidy it up ready for 'stage 2' -  i.e. Autumn/Winter planting and harvesting.  I have to push myself to get out there and do these jobs, but it feels good once they are done and I'm ready for winter.

So that's what I've been doing, cutting down dead stuff, removing large leaves from tomato plants, cutting down the tops of potatos, tying up dangling stalks and tall plants, potting up the new strawberry runners ready for next year, that sort of thing, and of course the compost heap is benefitting from all this stuff.

It has to be done if you want your garden/yard/plot to continue producing.

HRH Doris keeping a watchful on it all ...........

It's looking clean now even though it still resembles the Brazilian Rain Forest, most of my food crops are growing in pots around the side of the house, it's a 'yard' really as it's concreted over.  I have the raspberries/blackberries/redcurrants/gooseberries and rhubarb growing at the back of the house, there's just a tiny lawn there (actually it was a bit bigger until I dug it up to make room for the food crops !)

I've even got a runner bean plant growing up the side of this old plastic greenhouse frame, I'll train it right across the other one too.

It's great just to walk outside and pick tomatos, lettuces, kale, chard, beans and a real treat this year, blueberries that I brought with me growing in a pot.

The strawberries are finishing now as are the raspberries, but there are the autumn fruiting ones to look forward to, and some Autumn Gold too.  Wherever there is a space, I put a pot with a vegetable plant growing in it, and it's worked really well this year.

(dunno why this picture is smaller than the rest !)

Anyway, no one can deny growing your own is not only healthy and satisfying, but very frugal too.  I have loads of 'free' tomato plants here, I threw some old tomato plants into the compost heap (not last year, I didn't do much gardening last year, I threw my teddy out of the pram because everything I planted kept getting washed away with the record breaking rainfall we had) it was the year before, which makes it all the more surprising, we've had the coldest winter on record since then, but after potting up some plants, I noticed tiny tomato plants coming up in the pots, when they were big enough I repotted them and now have loads of toms for free, obviously the seeds germinated from the ones I threw away ! Here's just a few, there's lots more round the side growing in anything that will hold compost.

I'm particularly pleased because I variety I grew 'back then' a small currant type literally the size of a redcurrant has also self germinated, and I was bemoaning the fact that I wouldn't have any of these tiny gems to add to a salad this year.

Feeling a teensy bit down today, hey ho  it will go !

take care peeps ............


  1. I am putting off cleaning up the gardens as I am not ready to accept that summer is over so quickly. BTW, my best tomato plants are the ones that germinated from last years seeds. What a bonus that was!

    1. Hi, Think of it as Summers Second Coming !!

  2. I've started on a few of my autumn jobs, potting up the strawberry runners and clearing away some dead stuff.I am really determined to get a jump on things for next spring this time around.Thank goodness this year's crops were better than the last two years, like you I was ready to throw my teddy out in despair.
    Your veggies look great,and isn't it so nice to get something for dinner from the garden, (just leave the slugs out there lol)
    I also had things grow from volunteer plants this summer, a couple of tomatoes, a physalis, tubs of potatoes and some red amaranth - none of which I planted , thanks very much garden :)

    1. Volunteer plants ? ha ha love it.

      Yes I'll be careful with the slugs from now on, actually it tasted quite nice !

  3. Oh, I just loved seeing your "yard" and all of your plants. Makes me long for my garden, but some day... Perhaps. I see a little cottage with a cute little garden in my future.


    1. You'll get your little cottage Lynn, of that there is no doubt.



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