Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mutant Ninja Caterpillars and other stuff .........


I have giant mutant ninja caterpillars eating their way through my brassicas !  There's hardly a brocolli, kale, turnip green, spinach or cauliflower plant they haven't touched.

I've tried washing the butterfly eggs off the leaves, picking off the leaves, using soap and water spray but none of those worked.  Finally I had to buy some chemical spray, which I didn't want too, but it's beginning to look like that isn't working either.  It's systemic, and I've soaked all the leaves, top and underside, but every morning I go out, the little blighters are still there, not only that, it looks like they've invited all their friends and family too !

It's quite soul destroying, but so far, considering the garden is all pot grown, I've eaten very well from it, and am still harvesting, but I don't think I'll be having any fresh greens this winter.   I may even have to 'buy' some - oh horror !!  Actually, after I've soaked them in chemicals I don't really fancy eating them anyway.

This is what came from the garden today, you can see there are some mixed green beans, those crafty caterpillars don't seem to fancy them, thank goodness.

There's also some potato's and some Autumn Gold raspberries with some redcurrants.  I still have rhubarb and gooseberries to harvest.  I bought this pot of ready prepared fruit for 50p, reduced from £2.00, at least four servings there, with yoghurt or to top breakfast porridge.

I've been blackberrying today, it's a good year for the berry - I've got several pots in the freezer already, and have been given some cooking apples, so I feel some pies and crumbles coming on.

Do you remember I was building up my walking regime, trying to strengthen my leg after a car accident some time ago, I had got up to 6 miles a day, but now nothing.  If I try to walk any distance I am in pain.  The specialist told me this would happen because the leg has been weakened - oh well I tried.
 I think I may get one of these:

or maybe this one : 
and possibly one of these while I'm at it : 

It's raining now, everything looks lovely and fresh, no need to get the hosepipe out today.  I'm thinking of experimenting with my outdoor tomato's, to try to keep them going a bit longer, I'm going to bring one or two into the conservatory with the small bush ones.  I'm also sowing lettuce to grow indoors too, I'll have to leave a light on for a few extra hours a day, but it won't cost that much and hopefully what I get back will more than cover it.

That's it for today peeps ............
take care


  1. If a cane helps then yes, definitely get one -- especially with an attractive cat's head knob!

    1. Yes, now I have an excuse to get one !

  2. Last winter I tried growing pea greens - soak some marrowfat peas and sow thickly in a thin layer of soil or compost indoors. You can begin to cut them at a couple of inches high - they taste like peas. As they grow bigger and get a little tougher you can steam them or wilt them into a stew.
    Also, have you tried sprouting seeds? Two ways to get some fresh greens in the winter.

  3. I do grow sprouting seeds, and have tried growing peas outdoors for the 'greens' but didn't think of trying them indoors, I will definately be trying that, I don't need a huge amount of space, just enough for me a couple of times a week would be good, so regular small sowings will do the trick I think.
    Thanks for that

  4. You make me want to eat healthy!!! You must have a green thumb! I'm having trouble growing greens...collards. cabbage, kale, etc. because of the tiny black worms that eat holes in the leaves! Enjoyed this post!

  5. Hi Wean! I have a pet caterpillar in the apartment now. LOL. Of course, I don't mind if you put the article on your site. I just put the link -- not whole article, and gave credit to authors. I hope you day is wonderful!!




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