Friday, 13 September 2013

Raw, Gutsy, Provacative and Disturbing ............


Before I explain the heading, a big welcome to a new follower - Khammany, Hi and welcome, good to have you here, thank you for joining.

So what am I talking about ?  the new TV series which started last night called 'Peaky Blinders'

I really didn't fancy it at all from the title or the trailers i.e. 'set in the back street slums of Birmingham just after the 1st. World War' - but after the first 30 seconds of seeing the man with attitude ride through the grubby dark streets on his horse - I was hooked !

I thought the title was silly, but only because I didn't understand it, Peaky Blinders were a group/gang/organization that wore peaked caps with razor blades sewn in the peaks, so when they headbutted someone, the presumably would be blinded !  brutal.
This depicts the real hard, rough tough people of that time in a rough, tough City !
It's absolutely rivetting - and I can't wait for the second episode.  If you have any sort of 'catch up' TV, I urge you to watch last nights showing.  You won't be dissapointed.
This resonates with me because Birmingham is the City of my birth, I wasn't born at the time this is set though !  but it would have been in my Grandparents time and I well remember visiting them in a street almost identical to the one depicted.  Place names, factories were mentioned that I know of, even Saint Andrews, the home of Birmingham City Football Club gets a mention.
I loved it, but had to cover my eyes when one man was getting beaten up, it was so graphic and brutal and well acted, but above all - so true.
This makes even the hardest Catherine Cookson look like a fairy tale, makes the 'tough guys' in Eastenders look like pansies, and even gives The Krays a run for their money.
So you can see I'm going to be a big fan ............  if you don't like it, please keep your opinions to yourself !  I don't want my bubble burst !
I have to say a word here about the so-called Birmingham accent, I get very annoyed/insulted whenever some sort of 'idiot' is portrayed on TV, they are given a Birmingham accent !  which incidentally bears no relevance to the true, rich authentic accent we heard last night.
Right now, I've got that off my chest, I've made another lovely bag with some more denim items which I'll be posting soon, just a little finishing off to do.  I love the bag, I hope someone out there will love it as much as I do.  It will be going on Etsy.
Also one of my other 'new' crafts is working out well, more on that tomorrow, hopefully when it's 'dried' - there's a clue !
take care peeps .......


  1. Eventually, most good British shows make it to our publicly funded TV stations in the US. I will look for that one.

  2. Oh please do !
    I will be first on the list when it comes out on DVD too !
    take care .........

  3. Yes, I've heard of this program. It probably won't be broadcast in North America for at least a year. Maybe I'll be able to see it someday!

  4. I will have a look but if I like it will get it on DVD, Bcause I wotk night shift my TV watching is patchy and often delete stuff from Sky+ before watching it. In the summer I watch very little, too busy in the garden.

  5. Hi Debra, perhaps you could get it on DVD when it comes out. Are DVD players different where you are than in the UK ? I remember buying some videos ages ago from US but then couldn't play them because the players weren't the same !

  6. Hi Pam, I'm like you, gardening in the summer, craft work or reading in the winter. I'm very choosey when it comes to TV, there's not a lot of 'good stuff' on, but I'm so glad I chose to watch this one.

  7. Hi Wean! Thanks for the "shout out"! I don't think we get the show over here in the States, which is too bad. And I know this may sound silly and sort of ignorant but to my untrained American ears all British accents sound sophisticated! I can't tell which are supposed to sound more or less intelligent!

  8. Hi Khammany, well in that case, I'm definately one of the sophisticated ones ! ha ha



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