Saturday, 7 September 2013

Unfortunately Autumn has arrived .........


I couldn't believe what this stupid weather man said this morning !!

'Unfortunately' Autumn has arrived.' ?? why is that unfortunate ?

What, exactly is 'unfortunate' about Autumn ?

Autumn is beautiful, Autumn is lovely, Autumn is calm, Autumn is a season to be appreciated and loved -the only 'unfortunate' thing here are the idiot people who think the only seasons/weather conditions worthy of consideration, are those that allow you to lie on a beach and BBQ themselves themselves - my idea of hell !

Anyway, moving swiftly on, I wanted to post some pics of some bags I have made from recycled fabrics today.  I wanted to photograph them hanging from a tree branch in the garden, but as it has poured down with rain for 24 hours I can't do that, so please check back later, hopefully I'll have the pics soon, I'm really pleased with the bags.

I find crafting soothes a troubled spirit, calms a restless heart and gives hope for better things to come.

take care peeps .............


  1. I agree, Autumn is a lovely time of year. The leaves are pretty, things cool down and you can sip a cup of tea and read comfortably. Sounds pretty good to me!

  2. Autumn, a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. I do not remember where the quote originates but it is so true. Although my trees are brimming with fruit and the brambles hang in purple cascades I have no inclination to scurry round like a headless chicken making my preserves. I am naturally slowing down, quite happy to pause in my gathering to watch a squirrel play in the trees or the birds feasting on the seed heads that I leave for them.

  3. You're both right, it is a time for slowing down and taking stock, to be welcomed, to be absorbed, a time to look back on what has been achieved, to rest before making plans for next year.
    Each season has its own beauty.
    Stupid weatherman, what does he know anyway, can't even get the forecast right !!

  4. I agree -- there's NOTHING "unfortunate" about Autumn. And I don't consider Autumn as having arriving until the Fall Equinox. It's still summer! Late summer, but summer nevertheless.

  5. Hi, Wean! Good grief! Autumn unfortunate? LOL. But what do weathermen know? :)


    PS -- I totally agree with you on crafting sothing a troubled mind and spirit. :)



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