Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Sweet Find and Some Frugal Shopping Bargains


Do you ever feel drawn to go into a charity shop ?  sometimes I want to 'do' them all and other times I just can't be bothered.  I was in my local small town the other day and was in a 'can't be bothered' mood but one was 'calling' to me!

So in I went, and 'waiting' for me just inside the door was this - just what I've been looking for.

A flower press, it was priced at £2.00 - a bargain at that, but it was in the 50p bargain box !  how could I refuse ?  but that's not all, when I got it home and started to dismantle it, I found this inside :

What a bargain !  aren't they lovely ?  at first I thought I would use them in my hand made papers to sell on, but I feel strangely guilty at that thought, I think I was meant to 'find' these.  The first lot in particular look like a lovely 'composition' don't you think ?  I think I may frame that lot.  I would love to know the story of these, who they belonged too, how old are they, where did the flowers come from ?  but it will remain a mystery.
There's loads more in there now, the last of the summer flowers, pretty leaves, ivy and delicate fern fronds, all being pressed for my craft items.
I haven't posted any bargains for a while, but had to show you these.  Now that the garden veg is getting a little sparse, it's always a treat to find fresh fruit and veg greatly reduced, like these :

Just look at the mixed variety of veggies in these containers, what luxury !  they were originally £2.50 but have been reduced to 75p each, now even 75p is usually too much for me to pay,but there are three portions in each pot for me, so it still works out cheap, and the more unusual veggies would cost a lot more if bought separately.

A lovely pack of more everyday veggies here for 10p !  at least two servings there.

Oriental stir-fry for just 20p.

A large pack of ready prepared parsnips for just 10p.  lovely roasted, but great steamed and mashed with potato's too.

Itty (the kitty) thinks if he lies around near the cooker, he'll be the first to be fed !

and when that doesn't work, he lies 'on' the cooker ........

and when neither of those work, he will just stare at me until I give up .........
take care peeps .........


  1. It was just meant for you to go in that shop! The pressed flowers are so pretty!

  2. Great flower press - what a find! Great food bargains too!

  3. You got some great deals! I know what you mean about a particular store calling out to you! Usually a treasure to be had there!



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