Saturday, 5 October 2013

Back online and a new love !!


Hello, back again, the power cuts seem to have abated for now, no idea what caused them, it's not as if we are in the middle of a freezing winter or anything.  Never mind - onward and upward .......

So here is my new love !  handmade paper - be still my racing heart !!

Yes, handmade paper - and I'm loving every minute of making it.  I've surprised myself, because up until now 'my' crafts have been strictly fabric and yarn.  This is so rewarding to make, i.e. it's made from scrap papers and any 'embellishments' you wish to add, in the picture above, I've added deep pink roses and leaves - I think it's beautiful - sorry if I'm going overboard here - but I love it so !

Sorry about the shadow in the picture by the way, I'm a money saver and crafts person, not a photographer !

I've done my research on this of course, and it seems, lots of  hand made papers - arent' !!
Commercially produced 'hand made' are made in huge rolls and cut to size.

Mine, and other handmade paper producers, are genuinely 'hand made' i.e. each piece is painstakingly produced, pressed, emebellished and left to dry naturally (which can take a couple of weeks !) before being ready to sell/use.

The samples above have been made with recycled paper, to which red roses have been added, and blackberry juice has been used for colouring.  Everything in my paper is natural.

So no two pieces are the same (it would be impossible using a genuine handmade technique) but personally I love the uneven texture and size of each piece.  Perfect for crafts people.

OK - I'll stop waxing lyrical now and give you some step by step instructions for you to try yourselves.
Take a 'bowlful' - sorry about the 70's carpet, I know it's gross, but it's my landlords, and I'm not replacing it for his benefit !  Soak it in water overnight, (the paper, not the carpet) forget the instructions on some sites to 'boil' it first - not necessary.

You can see the cat is bored already ...........
Bung it in the liquidiser - you can see a blue tint appearing here already, nothing to do with me at this stage, must be the colour of the print.
This is what you end up with - mushy peas !

For the next stage - I use these splatter guards.

Pour some of the mix onto one of these guards

Smooth it out a little (actually since starting, I've started using an old picture frame) - so much better !
OK - this is 'roughly' what you'll end up with

ignore the nosey cat - he's always on the lookout for anything tasty !
It's beginning to look the business right ?

So now it needs weighting down to squeeze out all the excess moisture, here is my high tech, state of the art, way of doing that - tea towels, weighted down with a stone jar containing kitchen tools - WELL ??  isn't that what everyone uses ??

Now this is where you need the patience of Job, the drying process.
You can use kitchen roll to dry the paper out but will need so much you will have to take out a second mortage to buy more - but I'm so cheap I won't keep buying more to do this, I actually dry out the sheets I've used ready to use again !

Strewth - I'm so cheap !

Another couple of bored cats ......

Here is a pair of papers I made earlier.   Snow white paper with yellow petal embellishmets and rosebuds - so lovely.  Well worth all the effort I think - don't you ?
I'll be putting my papers on Etsy soon and offering them for sale on here if you are interested.
In the meantime, take care peeps .......


  1. Lovely! I once spent an afternoon handmaking paper about a million years ago. One of the things we used was onion skins to create some yellow and some interesting texture.

  2. Hi Debra, yes I've used onion skins for the colouring, I'm using all natural colourings/additions if I can.
    It's addictive isn't it ? I'm loving it, and am so pleased as I have sold two packs already !
    I'm going to make gift tags from hand made paper next.
    thanks for dropping by.



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