Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cute Storage ..............


Storage is a major problem for me as I live in a shoe box, seriously, I've had bigger chicken houses than this modern 'box'.

I have to make use of every available spare inch of space, and of course having 5 cats makes it more difficult to get a little 'me' space, but I found a few ideas you might like.




Now which idea shall I try first, funny, the cats seem to have disappeared -
Here Kitty Kitty .............


  1. such a good post, we live a mouse hole, its so small I have no room for a cat, lol!!!!

  2. Well I live in a rabbit hutch - so we have something in common ha ha

  3. With space in such short supply, you're lucky those cats even let you live there with them! Thank goodness for your opposable thumbs and ability to use a can opener!

  4. You're right Debra, I am very honoured and humbled.
    I kid myself sometimes that they actually like me, and they are looking at me with affection - but no, as you say, it's just the can opener they see !

  5. This post is so cute!! I love it!

  6. The storage facility is very convenient to all suburb locations. There is parking inside the structure so going there should not be a big concern. There are always dollies for moving things between car and the storage unit.
    self storage in Glen Waverley

  7. Can you believe the last post ? these ****'s don't miss an opportunity for advertising do they ? I left it there for you to see. I hope you don't go there !!!



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