Thursday, 17 October 2013

I'm Bloody Angry .............


I'm so bloody angry !

I dragged myself off my deathbed this morning (well that's what if felt like) to go and pay a couple of credit card bills at the bank, last day today or I would get late charges.  So I struggle along being in the grip of flu, a red hot throat, foot and mouth and a touch of Dutch Elm disease and didn't need any aggro !

Well I got it didn't I ?  There I was minding my own business in the queue trying to stave off the effects of galloping foot rot and red spider mite infection, when I was summoned to the counter.

After scrutinising my papers and cheque carefully, the counter clerk (who incidentally resembled a patronising 12-year old) told me they couldn't accept my payments because they didn't have a copy of my signature on file  w-h-a-t- ?

Why the **** not - you silly little 12 year old ?  I've been doing business at this bank for over 35 years and now you want me to prove who I am ?  what's that ? you don't know me ? oh dear, could that be because I've only just started using this branch because you closed down my other branch ?

She wouldn't budge - I couldn't believe it, how can a bank be so stupid ?  she is obviously an apprentice jobsworth, even after I threatened to infect her with sheepscab, she still say 'NO'  !

By now I am not a happy bunny !!  my temperature is off the scale and my infected bunions are giving me gip !!

So I stormed out with as much aplomb as I could muster from one suffering from black spot, and left the building with threats of  'you haven't heard the last of this' and 'I'm going to make an official complaint'

Anyway, I drove off to the next branch to complain about them and get something done about it, trouble is, it cost me extra petrol, and at this branch, I have to pay to park the car - so I am paying for the priveledge of paying my bills - I'm getting more and more unhappy by the second.

Luckily there was no one at the enquiry desk and I thundered up and put my case - loudly - VERY loudly !

I demanded that my payments be accepted NOW and WHY couldn't they find my signature on screen ?  after 35 years it should be around somewhere surely ? after 35 years - it's not rocket science is it ? and if they have decided to open up new branches under new names is it my fault they have lost my records ?   I never had this problem before ! do something about it now ! or I'm changing banks !

The (scared) clerk took my papers and three other 'underlings' went into a huddle, result ?  my payments were accepted with their sincere apologies.  All well and good said I, but I was made to look a prat in the first branch and I'm not happy, AND I've had to pay to park my car to come here ?  I want the parking fee refunded !!

I was assured it wouldn't happen again and if I go in next week they will take another copy of my signature and make sure it is on file so there will not be a repeat reccurrance - w-h-a-t ?  next week ?  back here and pay more parking fees, on no no no - you do it now - while I'm standing here in front of you, or is that too difficult to understand ?  and whilst I'm here I want to complain about the ridiculously young age of the staff you're taking on - the one that served me looked like she should be playing with her dolls !

So it's sorted, but my malaria has got worse - and I didn't get the 50p refunded.

I'm sure you know the bank, the one that merged with another one many years ago, but have just separated again, and who shall remain nameless - it's


you owe me 50p !!
take care peeps ...........


  1. I am so very very sorry you are sick but I must say you made my flipping day, I will smile now all day, sorry, but you truly made me laugh so hard, please be well soon, especially from that Dutch Elm disease, I hear thats a hard one to recover from, lol!!!

    1. Hi Laurie, thank you for your comments, I hope you are well.

  2. I would petition Lloyds into bankruptcy, if I were you. Creditors can do that.

    1. Funny you should say that Debra, I was considering a compensation claim ?

  3. You made me laugh too! Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Hi HP,
      Yes feeling a little brighter this morning thank you, the dreaded lurgy seems to be subsiding.

  4. Sad, sad tale, but you wrote a very funny post. I believe that aggravation is sometimes worth it if you can get a good story from it.

    Are you sure you have Dutch Elm? Seeing as it is affecting your feet, I suspect root rot.

    1. Hmm - you could be right, it's not blossom end rot, thats for sure ! perhaps a dose of systemic insecticide would work wonders instead of Anadin Extra ?

  5. Oh no!!! Wrong wrong wrong! I cannot believe that people are not allowed to just use their common sense anymore. It's almost more than a person can take!!!!! I hope you are feeling better. And, by the way, I hate getting burned from hot glue guns. It happens...



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