Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Book Review - Richard Burton .......


I've just finished reading this : the biography of Richard Burton.  I love biographies and auto-biographies 'cos I'm nosey interested in peoples lives.

It's a great read, an eye opener as you would expect.
It charts his early school years through his rise to fame and of course the 'Elizabeth Years'  A hard drinker and smoker all his life, it's surprising he lived as long as he did really.
His health wasn't good either, but he kept that quiet, Elizabeth seemed to have the monopoly on ill health and operations, something that tried his patience towards the end of the marriage'  He suffered from arthritis, gout, epilipsy and of course alcoholism.
He was a good father in the respect of providing for his children, and making sure their futures were secure, but by his own admission 'didn't like children'
Married 5 times (twice to Elizabeth Taylor), he never really found true happiness.
A good read with loads of notes from his own diaries, recommended.
take care peeps .............


  1. A great actor but a rocky, rocky life.

  2. That's true Debra, but what is amazing is the amount of 'flops' both he and Elizabeth 'starred' in ! as I said, the book is an eye-opener.

  3. The book sounds interesting. I loved when Elizabeth married Richard and thought they were perfect together. When I was young I bought magazines that had pictures and stories of Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. Hi HP, I'm afraid Elizabeth doesn't come across too well in this book, she always was a 'Diva' i.e. full of her own importance, the 'love story' is not what it seems, (are they ever?) if you get the chance, do read it.



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