Monday, 25 November 2013

Camera Catastrophe !


As you will know, I've been posting pretty ****** pics just lately, but now my camera has given up the ghost completely so I'll be posting stock pics until I can get a new one.

So I'll be checking the pennies/Tesco vouchers/Swagbucks points, anything that can contribute towards a new one - thank goodness for Swagbucks!  I have over £35 worth that I can spend at Amazon, I was going to get myself some more craft books though.

Why do these things happen at the worst time i.e. just before Christmas, when outgoings are at their highest, utility bills are due, telephone bill just plopped through the door, just managed to get the car back on the road, the vet has just booked his summer holiday thanks to my 'repeat prescriptions' for my little darlings, and oh, I have a hole in my winter boots !

take care peeps ...........


  1. The holidays and winter always puts a hole in the pocket.

  2. It is always something! Get one thing fixed, something else breaks! Hope you get a camera soon.



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