Sunday, 10 November 2013

Excitement, bargains and sadness - life is such a mix of emotions ........


First of all the excitement, well I'm excited about the forthcoming craft fairs, I've been told by the organisers that there aren't many people who do what I do i.e. make 'stuff' from recycled materials, so I hope that is a good sign for sales.

I made these this morning, this is the name of my Etsy Shop, and these 'raggy' letters will be joined onto a length of rag/ribbon or something similar, and be strung across the front of my table.  The cloth I am using is deep blue velvet, so I think the letters will stand out very well.

They are made with scraps of fabric, naturally, with white cotton backing (an old sheet) and fleece interlining for strength so they won't be too floppy, that came from an old fleece throw.

I've attended craft fairs and sat with people who have had a table, but this will be the first time I've done one in my own right, alone !

I will apologise for the quality of the photographs at this point - my camera is having rather a lot of 'off days' lately, never mind, it's not a photography competition, just a few snaps to give you and idea of what I've been up to.

These aren't bags, they're hanging plant pot holders made from recycled denim, as is a lot of my stuff.  I think you can just make out, in the bottom right hand corner, bowls, these are made from my own hand made paper, and will be sold ready to be decorated.

This is an apron made from the back of some jeans and lined.

and another made from the front of the jeans !

Here are four diaries.  I made the covers by using denim scraps 'crazy patchwork' style, I like these.

A little purse made from a jeans pocket.

A tote/shopping bag made from sturdy curtain lining and lined with a vintage pillowcase !

Can you guess what this is ?  a letter rack !
It's a piece (sample) of kitchen worktop, the sides have pieces of bathmat cut and glued on, the top is an old book, covers removed, all pages folded into the middle then 'aged' with strong coffee !  letters and bills etc., are then put in between the leaves of the book.
I have lots more, but perhaps I can take better pics another day.  Included are: more bags and purss various styles, dog leads, belts, headbands, jewellery made from game parts and lots more.
I was particularly pleased with a metal 'stand' I got at this mornings boot sale - it will be perfect for hanging bags, purses etc., on, and the odd 'refashioned' garment I intend to diversify into. 
Last night I spent several hours searching for something suitable on the net with no luck, well things were there, but far too expensive for me.  I paid only £1 - strange how things appear when you need them isn't it ? 
I also got a lovely wrap around Laura Ashley dress for £1 - not bad eh ?

Unfortunately the pics of these two bargains really were too bad to publish.

Also a fantastic skirt and shorts in combat style fabric with lots of pockets and extras - great for my recycling project.
Now these two last items are gi-normous - I think they came from 'rent-a-tent' ! 

Itty the Kitty lays claim, yet again, to the latest stock of cat food.

It's mine dya hear ?  all mine !!  ha ha -  cue wicked feline laughter !
Notice the bucket and bowl under the boiler ?  that's because after waiting three years for a new one, it leaks !!  so it's back trying to get the landlord to get it repaired now.  (again)
Sadness - oh my, tears have been flowing -
My lovely vet who I call 'Saint Stephen' is on 'long term sick leave' now reading between the lines, and gleaning bits of information from 'the girls' in the surgery, it is clear, Stephen is very sick indeed.

 Please God, help this wonderful man who spends his life helping our much loved pets
take care peeps ................


  1. Your recycled crafts are very nice and I hope you sell a lot! Best wishes to your dear vet Saint Stephen.

  2. great creations, beautiful kitty, sorry to hear of your Vet's illness, I hope all works out well, best wishes at your sale!

  3. You have lots of cute things made. Hope you do really good at your craft fair. I like all the bags! So sad to hear about your vet. Hope he gets well.

  4. Jeannie, I love your stuff! That letter rack is nothing short of COOL! Sorry about your vet. :(




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