Monday, 25 November 2013

It's all been done before dearies ..........


Everyone reading this will know about saving money in zillions of little ways, little ways that add up to big savings.

Stretching your disposeable income from here to infinity and beyond is a hobby for some, but can be a necessity for others.  Having said that, I believe that it is money management that is important, what is needed most ?  food and clothing for your children, pay your bills, a roof over your head ? or the latest technical gadget, i-phone, tattoo or take-away ?
Some people can live like royalty on the minimum of income, whereas others just don't have nor never will have a clue how to manage their money.
Just google frugal/money saving/recycle etc. etc., and you will be bombarded with money saving hints and tips that really do work.   This has become a way of life for me and you too I'm sure, or you wouldn't be a member of this blog.
I'm not going to start listing ways to stretch/save/money here, as I just said, just google it.
What I am surprised at though, is the way some bloggers think they have invented frugality - they have good ideas, but let's face it, they haven't just reinvented the wheel !  I can speak from life experience as a woman of a 'certain age' in saying that more or less whatever ideas you may read, has 'all been done before' obviously the main ingredients/materials have changed, but the concept is still the same.
I was gobsmacked the other day to see some self proclaimed 'frugal expert' spouting off about the benefits of line drying your washing !  good grief - I am speechless - how on earth do these 'modern misses' think we all managed before the (dubious) advent of the energy gobbling tumble dryer ?
Just take a look at some of the blogs/websites that give information on how it was to live through and after the war years, how the wives/mothers managed to feed/clothe/nurture their families is nothing short of miracles, these gals could certainly teach today's 'Queens of Frugality' a thing or two !  and they didn't have the tons of 'throw away' stuff to work with that we have today.
Also, many years ago, frugality was a way of life, people scrimped/saved/recycled because they had too, now it seems folks do it to save money for lifes luxuries i.e. new car, laptop, widescreen TV, travel, etc. etc.  There lies the difference.
I think it's great that so many 'women of today' are taking an interest in recycling, but please bear in mind - there is nothing new under the sun.
take care peeps ...............


  1. Well said Wean, as a country woman "of a certain age" who had a Grandmother of a very Frugal disposition I concur with everything that you wrote. The problem is that statistics tell us that you have to tell someone 15 times, on average, before they can grasp and use what they are being told. That tells me that there is a need to say these things ad infinitum, in order to give people the chance to read and inwardly digest. For each person who gets it first time there is another who needs up to 30 tellings. Then of course there are none as deaf as those who do not wish to hear.

    1. I didn't know that fact Pam about having to tell people 15 times before they 'get' something -
      I agree with your last comment, selective hearing is a problem !

  2. Hear hear!! If blogging had been around 30 years ago, I would have been able to post pictures of my children's clothes recycled from my cast-offs, and raved about my handcrafted Christmas cards and gifts, and the bargains I had found in the market ... there is indeed 'nothing new under the sun'. But please don't ask me [also a lady of a certain age] to wear one of those 'recycled teenager' tee shirts, as they are just tacky!!!
    Let us just sit back and smile smugly to ourselves as look at these bright young things and think 'before you were born, dearie, I was doing THAT one....' [just pass me some of your eggs to suck, Grandma]

    great post [as ever] love and blessings xx

    1. Hi Angela, oh don't get me started !
      one of my pet gripes is hearing young mothers complain how difficult it is looking after babies !!!!!!
      We had no car never mind a complete travel system, also today they just push these monsters onto a bus with no problems - they should try having to fold a pushchair up whilst simultaneously holding onto two toddlers and half a dozen shopping bags whilst the men on the bus just sit and watch - oh deep joy.
      And nappies ? oh strewth, how easy it would have been for us instead of having the disgusting job of 'emptying' them and washing them on a daily basis - without a tumble dryer too !
      like I said, don't get me started !!

  3. The old believe everything
    the middle aged suspect everything
    and the young KNOW EVERYTHING !!
    (retiring to a corner to await the flack !)
    ha ha

  4. I love this post! I tried to explain to my daughter (before she had a tumble drier) how to dry the washing indoors when it was raining. Her husband had just piled everything onto one radiator and they wondered why it was not drying. Of course they didn't listen and decided that it was impossible to dry the washing indoors (!??!?!) despite the fact that I had done that for YEARS with 3 children, and no disposable nappies!
    It's as though we have never had to manage anything.
    It makes me cross sometimes :-(

  5. Hello Carrie,
    I know how you must have felt - I remember once seeing my son throwing one single t-shirt into his washing machine, then putting it into the tumble dryer !! I was horrified !
    We probably sound like moaning older people, but the fact is, life really is easy these days, and if the younger generations never experienced how hard it was in the past, they will never appreciate how easy it is now.
    Makes you wonder what they will moan about when they get older !!

    1. I'm sure they'll find something!
      My son's boiler has failed and there is no central heating. His fiancee is finding it difficult. It IS cold, but they have a gas fire and a couple of portable room heaters. When I was a child, and when I was first married, we had just one coal fire and I remember winters when there was ice on the inside of the windows, and being woken up in the night when my feet touched the hot water bottle that had gone cold. Having said that, I'd hate to be without my central heating now :-)

    2. Hey Carrie, I think we grew up in the same house !
      There was ice and frost on the inside of my bedroom windows too, I couldn't even close the curtains in case I 'spoiled' the folds !!

  6. Oh, Wean, I have had my share of folks running a washer and then a dryer for two articles of clothing, and doing it over and over, day after day. I spent the first 14 years of my marriage without a clothes dryer. :) Well said!




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