Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Oh Dear, how sad, never mind ...............


This was a phrase I heard often (very often!) when attending a business start up course a few years ago.  I found myself in a sad and lonely place and needed money - yesterday !  The only option was to start my own small business, which I did, and it worked until life kicked me in the teeth yet again, and I had to leave my home, my animals, my future and of course my business.

The lecturer there always dismissed anyones problems, fears and doubts about things going wrong by saying 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind!' and moved swiftly on from the negative to the positive outlook.  An attitude I've always tried to live by anyway.  Having hope in your heart is certainly better than giving up on life before you've started.

Don't you just hate negative people ?  the kind that put a downer on everything, every thought, every action, nothing will ever work in their eyes, it's all doom and gloom, you may as well hide under a rock and wait to die, no point striving for a better life or to fulfill your dreams, 'cos it will never work !

I call them the 'ah but's ....' whatever you say, whatever you think, whatever your hopes and dreams, they will always say 'ah but...' and they will knock you down, crush your spirit and smash your dreams, if you let them.

Just imagine if we were all like that ........ the wheel would never have been invented - (ah but - it won't work)  all the great inventions of our time would never have happened - (ah but - it won't work)

How sad these people are ..........

Thank goodness for cheerful, bright people who refuse to give up.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is, I've had to cancel my craft fairs for this year, I've been working like a machine getting my stock ready, but circumstances out of my control mean I can't now go ahead - Oh dear, how sad, never mind ! - move swiftly on.

I'll be putting some more stuff on Etsy in the next couple of days, so check back often as they say !

I still need money - yesterday (who  doesn't) so hope for one or two sales before Christmas.

take care peeps ..........


  1. Oh yes, we all probably know a Debbie or Donald Downer. I know that fear is their motive, but, oh how they cloud all hope that other's have. It is hard to get away from their negativity when they are related to you.

  2. oh how true ! the pessimism is suffocating !!

  3. Wean, I'm sorry about your craft fairs. You worked so hard getting ready. Hope you sell lots in your Etsy shop.

  4. Thank you HP. Yes it's a bit of a blow, but mustn't wallow in self pity (although I feel like it!) I'll just carry on building the stock for next year. Trouble is, now is the most profitable time of the year to sell !
    oh well, onwards and upwards ........... lesson learned.



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