Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Supermarket Delights ...........


Overheard in the supermarket today:

"Tyrone - gerr ere before ah crack yer one"

Charming !
I made my usual bee-line for the reduced cabinet, but didn't expect to get much as it was the middle of the afternoon, but was so pleased to have got, two large heads of brocolli for 10p each, a white cabbage for 10p, a cauliflower for 10p and some mushrooms for 50p.

Now these weren't your average punnet of mushrooms, they weighed 750 grm, now that's a lot of mushrooms for 50p, so I picked up two packs, I feel mushroom soup/mushroom and veg pies/creamed mushrooms/mushroom risotto etc., coming on - but I was amazed at what happened next. 
There were a couple in front of me eyeing up the mushrooms, the husband was trying to convince his wife to by some because they were a great bargain, suggesting, soups/stew/casserole etc., but she was having none of it, with her nose so high in the air it could have had snow on it, she walked across to the other side of the aisle and picked up a pack of four - YES FOUR - mushrooms for £1.80 and put them in the trolley, the look on the husbands face was unbelievable.  There's just no helping some peope is there ?
take care peeps ..............


  1. I once heard in a supermarket car park 'Get 'ere, or I'll put my fingers down your throat 'til you're sick', I was quite a lot younger but it's always stuck with me...charming. Nice bargains though.

    1. That's awful Sooz, it's no wonder some children grow up thinking violence is the norm.

  2. I saw a woman in the grocery store Tuesday who was a lot like the one you described here. She was afraid to look down because she might make eye contact and have to speak to someone. I wanted so bad to tell her what a snob she was and to not worry, because most people would not want to speak to her anyway!!! It really bothered me.

  3. Some people !
    I call them 'Brand Name Snobs' - they won't buy anything if it isn't top of the range and most expensive, they like to strut around the supermarkets with their trolley full of this stuff making sure everyone sees how superior they are and can afford the best, then take ages loading it onto the checkout belt, again so everyone can see - stupid, stupid people.

  4. Oh my! Poor man. He could not get his wife to see good sense! I love what you said about her nose so high in the air. :)




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